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Oregon Coast Region
Brian Booth State Park
Brian Booth State Park © Michael Skourtes
Brian Booth State Park © Michael Skourtes
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Seal Rock, Oregon   97376
(lat:44.5179 lon:-124.0715) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Toll Free: 800-551-6949
Ona Beach State Park is located 8 miles south of Newport, Oregon. The park is a fine, forested ocean flat now developed for extensive daytime shore use. Easy access for beachcombing and great for large picnic gatherings.
History of the Area
Brian Booth State Park is a picturesque natural area located on the central coast of Oregon. The park was established in 2013 and covers an expansive stretch of land along Highway 101, encompassing diverse ecosystems such as forests, wetlands, and sandy beaches.

Before becoming a state park, this region held great significance for local indigenous tribes who inhabited the area for thousands of years. They relied on its abundant resources like fish from nearby rivers and game animals that roamed through dense woodlands.

During European settlement in the mid-19th century, logging became one of the primary industries in this part of Oregon due to its rich timber reserves. However, concerns about preserving these valuable natural landscapes began to emerge among conservationists during the early 20th century.

In response to growing environmental awareness and efforts towards preservation across Oregon's coastal regions throughout subsequent decades; Brian Booth State Park emerged as a result-a testament to both nature's resilience and human dedication toward protecting it.

The establishment process involved collaboration between various stakeholders including government agencies at different levels alongside community organizations dedicated to conserving open spaces within their communities' reach-ultimately leading up until today when visitors can enjoy hiking trails winding through lush greenery or relax by pristine shorelines while taking advantage not only scenic beauty but also recreational opportunities offered here year-round

1. Beaver Creek Trail: This is a 5-mile round trip trail that takes hikers through lush forests and wetlands, offering views of the creek along its path.

2. Ona Beach to Seal Rock Hike: A moderate hike with stunning coastal scenery stretching over approximately 4 miles one way from Brian Booth State Park's beach area towards Seal Rock.

3. Kayak Tour Route: Although not strictly a hiking trail, this water route offers an alternative exploration method within the park for those interested in kayaking or canoeing on Beaver Creek Lake.

4. Nature Walk Loop: An easy half mile loop perfect for families and beginners; it features interpretive signs about local flora and fauna throughout the walkway around Beaver Pond.

5. Birdwatcher's Pathway - Ideal for bird enthusiasts as it winds through various habitats attracting diverse species of birds native to Oregon coast region

6 .Beaver Marsh Loop - Approximately two miles long featuring boardwalks across marshy areas providing close-up view of aquatic plants & wildlife

7 .Coastal Forest Trails- These trails meander through dense Sitka spruce forest giving glimpses into unique ecosystem found only at Pacific Northwest Coastline

8 .Picnic Area Paths- Short walking paths connecting picnic spots scattered under shady trees near lake shore ideal spot after leisurely lunch

9.Campground Access Trails - Networked pathways leading directly from camping sites onto main hiking routes ensuring convenient access even during early morning hours

10.Fishing Spot Track - Small offshoot tracks branching out from main trails taking you closer to popular fishing points alongside river bank

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
July 16 My Favorite Oregon Ocean Park by Measley Cascade
park review stars; one to five Ona Beach State Park is a small but brilliant jewel in the crown of Oregon oceanside parks. There are picnic tables and grills, a restroom, paved walkways, and a bridge over a river that runs through. The beach is low access. There is great beachcombing treasures and interesting geological landscapes. Take the kids, grandma, and your leashed pups for a fun day at the beach.
August 5 Excellent views of the volcanic eruption
park review stars; one to five There is a turn-out at the north and south Ona beach so you get the volcanic action from two perspectives.Lots of water fowl on the rocks.
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, OR
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6225 North Highway 101
Newport, OR
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Brian Booth State Park is located in Oregon, specifically along the central coast. To get there from Portland, follow these directions:

1. Start by heading west on US-26 W towards Seaside.
2. Continue onto US-101 S and stay on this road for approximately 70 miles.
3. Take a slight right onto OR-18 W/OR Coast Hwy toward Lincoln City/Newport.
4. Stay on OR-18 W for about 20 miles until you reach Otis Junction.
5. At Otis Junction, turn left to merge onto US-101 S/US Route 6W/Oregon Coast Highway towards Newport/Florence/Yachats/Waldport.

From here, continue driving south along the scenic coastal highway (US-101) for around 15 miles until you see signs indicating Brian Booth State Park or Beaver Creek Road/Brian Booth Wayside.

Once at the park entrance:
Follow any additional signage within the park to locate parking areas or specific attractions of interest.

Please note that these directions are approximate and subject to traffic conditions; it's always recommended to use GPS navigation systems or online maps for real-time guidance during your journey!

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Oregon State Parks