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Lost Creek Ocean Wayside State Park
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Lost Creek Ocean Wayside State Park is a hidden gem that offers visitors an intimate encounter with the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty. This small state park features a secluded beach area where one can enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and rugged coastline. The park also boasts lush greenery and diverse wildlife for nature enthusiasts to explore. It provides amenities such as picnic tables making it perfect for family outings or quiet picnics while enjoying stunning sunsets over the water. Despite its smaller size compared to other parks, Lost Creek Ocean Wayside State Park promises tranquility amidst scenic landscapes.

History of the Area
Located in Oregon, this coastal park was established as a state recreational site during the 1930s. It is situated along Highway 101 and offers visitors access to an unspoiled beach area with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

The land for the park was acquired between 1929 and 1954 through purchases from private owners. The initial acquisition consisted of around six acres purchased at $1,000 per acre; subsequent additions brought it up to its current size of approximately nine acres.

During World War II, many parks across America were closed due to wartime restrictions on travel and resources - but not this one! Despite these challenges, it remained open throughout WWII providing locals with much-needed respite amidst global turmoil.

In terms of facilities available within the grounds over time: picnic tables have been provided since inception while restrooms weren't added until later years when visitor numbers increased significantly necessitating such amenities.

Over decades following establishment till date ,the place has served countless tourists who come seeking tranquility by ocean side or simply passing travelers taking break off their journey . Today,it continues being cherished spot offering serene environment coupled with breathtaking view making every visit worthwhile experience indeed !

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Lost Creek Ocean Wayside State Park is located in Oregon, specifically on the central coast. To reach this beautiful park from Portland, you will need to follow these directions:

1. Start by heading west on US:26 W towards Seaside.
2. Continue driving for approximately 70 miles until you reach Tillamook.
3. In Tillamook, take a slight right onto OR:131 N/Netarts Hwy and continue for about 5 miles.
4. Next, turn left onto Cape Meares Loop Rd and drive for another mile or so.
5. At the roundabout, take the second exit to stay on Cape Meares Loop Rd/Oceanside Blvd S.

You are now getting closer! Keep following these steps:

6. Continue along Oceanside Blvd S/Cape Lookout Road Southbound as it turns into Bayocean Road West after crossing Netarts Bay Bridge.
7. After around 8 miles of driving through scenic coastal landscapes with glimpses of stunning ocean views,.
you'll arrive at Lost Creek Ocean Wayside State Park!

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Oregon State Parks