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Pine Log State Forest
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Florida's first state forest, Pine Log was purchased in 1936. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Forestry has been given lead management responsibility for the Pine Log State Forest. Using an ecosystem management approach, the Division of Forestry provides for multiple-use of the forest resources which include timber management, wildlife management, outdoor recreation and ecological restoration.
Nature of the Area
Pine Log State Forest is home to a diverse mixture of animal and plant species. Those animals and plants currently listed as or endangered, threatened or species of special concern which have been sighted on the forest include: flatwoods salamander, Eastern indigo snake, gopher tortoise, southern milkweed, southern red lily, white-top pitcher-plant and Chapman's crownbeard.

There are various natural communities found on the forest. They include sandhills, flatwoods, cypress ponds and titi swamps. Pine Log State Forest has 3 named streams (Pine Log Creek, Little Crooked Creek and Ditch Branch) as well as several small lakes and ponds.
History of the Area
Pine Log State Forest is a 7,600-acre forest located in Northwest Florida, near the town of Ebro. It has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s.

Originally, the land that now forms Pine Log State Forest was home to the Creek Native American tribe, who utilized the area's abundant natural resources for sustenance and shelter. However, by the early 19th century, their presence declined as European settlers moved into the region.

In the early 1800s, the area witnessed several land ownership changes. The land was part of a land grant awarded to Andrew Jackson, the future seventh president of the United States, for his services during the War of 1812. As Jackson did not visit or develop the land, it was eventually sold to private individuals.

In 1936, during the Great Depression, the United States government established the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) program to provide employment for out-of-work young men. The CCC played a crucial role in the development of Pine Log State Forest. The CCC workers constructed roads, bridges, recreational facilities, and fire towers within the forest, creating the foundation for its future use.

After the CCC era, the forest passed through various hands, including private ownership and timber companies. In 1936, the State of Florida acquired its initial portion of land for the state forest. Over the years, more acquisitions were made, steadily expanding Pine Log State Forest to its current size.

Pine Log State Forest is managed by the Florida Forest Service and serves as a multiple-use public forest. Its primary purposes are timber production, wildlife habitat conservation, and outdoor recreational activities. Visitors can explore its extensive trail system, go camping, hunting, fishing, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the forest.

Pine Log State Forest's history intertwines with the indigenous population, early European settlement, and various ownership changes before becoming a protected and cherished public land in Florida.
1. Pine Log State Forest Campground: This campground offers 20 campsites suitable for both tents and RVs, with amenities like picnic tables, fire rings, restrooms and drinking water.

2. Sand Pond Recreation Area: Located within the state forest itself is a beautiful campsite near a pond that's perfect for fishing or swimming in addition to camping activities.

3. Dutch Tieman Primitive Campsites: For those who prefer more rustic accommodations without modern facilities such as electricity or running water can opt this site which provides an authentic wilderness experience.

4. Crooked Creek RV Resort: Although not directly inside the park but nearby location makes it convenient option offering full hookups including electric service & Wi-Fi access along with other recreational opportunities like pool, clubhouse etc.

5. Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort: Another close by resort style accommodation providing all necessary services plus added benefits of beach side view.

6. Panama City Beach Rv Resort: A luxury rv resort located just few miles away from pine log state forest . It has various types of sites available according to your preference ranging from standard pull through sites to premium patio ones.
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Pine Log State Forest is located near Chipley, Lynn Haven and Panama City

Over 14 miles of hiking trails have been developed on Pine Log State Forest. These trails include a segment of the Florida National Scenic Trail, the Dutch Tieman Trail, the Campground Loop and the Crooked Creek Trail.

The Florida National Scenic Trail enters the forest in the northwest corner and leads into the campground area. It then crosses S. R. 79 at Pine Log Creek and continues through the forest and exits to the east. This trail continues on private land eastward to S. R. 77. The Florida National Scenic Trail is blazed in orange rectangles and covers approximately 8 miles through Pine Log State Forest. Only foot traffic is allowed on the Florida National Scenic Trail System.

The Dutch Tieman Trail covers approximately 4 miles and is marked with blue blazes. This trail is named for Mr. Edgar "Dutch" Tieman, the forest's first park ranger. This multi-use trail is open to hikers and off-road bicycles. Bicyclists are asked to please use caution when approaching hikers.

The Campground Loop Trail covers 2 miles and is marked in red blazes. This trail loops from the campground around a cypress pond. Only foot traffic only is allowed on the Campground Loop Trail.

The Crooked Creek Trail is a multi-use 9 mile loop trail that has been established on the east side of Highway 79. Parking is located on Highway 79, 1 mile south of the recreation area. This trail was developed for off-road bicycle use, however, foot traffic is welcome.

Horse Trails:

The Old Sawmill trail was developed as a horse trail. The 12.5-mile loop trail follows existing open roads, closed roads and old firebreaks. The trail weaves through the southeast portion of the Pine Log State Forest.

The Old Sawmill trailhead and parking area is located in Pine Log State Forest on Highway 79 approximately 10 mile north of Panama City Beach, Florida. There is a $1.00 per person charge to enter the trail. Children under 6 years old are admitted free. A self-service pay station is located on the entrance road to the trailhead.

Yellow bands found on trees along the trail designate the trail. Where the trail crosses roads or makes major course changes yellow arrows point the direction the trail goes. Mile markers are located along the trail and are shown on the map. This trail crosses the Crooked Creek Mountain Bicycle Trail in several places; because of the extremely soft soil conditions that exist in the Pine Log State Forest separate trails have been developed for horse and mountain biking, please keep your horses off this trail. The Crooked Creek trail is mark with red or blue blazes and arrows.

Specific trail rules are posted on the informational kiosk at the trailhead.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
February 5 Great camp sites by Ninnyfofo
park review stars; one to five We stayed here for a night (before we were aware of FREE sites just a few miles away at Dead River Landing) and had a great time. Arrived at night and woke up to a beautiful site right on the water. We paid $20 for less than 24 hours but it was worth it for the bathrooms and running water. We would stay again but as I mentioned there are free sites not that far away (no running water but that is camping).
May 25 Great Bike Trails by Rose986
park review stars; one to five Single track trails through the forest provides a good workout. Diverse scenery including a cool bridge over a Cypress stand. Lightly used.
September 25 Great park! by MOZ
park review stars; one to five Bathrooms, showers, electricity, good camping, not too busy.
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Pine Log State Forest is located near Ebro, Florida in northwestern Bay and southwestern Washington Counties. The forest is 14 miles north of Panama City Beach, on State Road 79. Access to Pine Log State Forest is available on Highway 79 or on open forest roads. Travel is allowed throughout the forest on open forest roads. Please refrain from blocking any closed roads or fire breaks.

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