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North Carolina
Mountains - Western Region
Rendezvous Mountain Educaational State Forest
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Rendezvous Mountain Educaational State Forest History Trail © Jim Oakley
Rendezvous Mountain Educaational State Forest Rendezvous Mtn Park © Jim Oakley
Ranger Station
Rendezvous Mountain Educaational State Forest Old Sawmill © Jim Oakley
Rendezvous Mountain Educaational State Forest View from overlook © Jim Oakley
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1956 Rendezvous Mtn. Rd.    28665
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Located in the rugged Blue Ridge Mountains, this forest showcases magnificent mountain hardwoods in one of North Carolina's most scenic settings.

Its features are accessible by a series of well-marked trails, accented by exhibits and displays depicting the ecology of the managed forest.
History of the Area
Rendezvous Mountain Educational State Forest is located in Caldwell County, North Carolina. The forest was established in 1987 and provides various educational and recreational opportunities for visitors.

The history of the forest traces back several centuries. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Cherokee, who utilized the land for hunting and gathering. European settlers began to explore and settle in the region in the 18th century.

In the early 20th century, the logging industry had a significant impact on the area, and large portions of the forest were harvested for timber. However, during the 1930s, the impacts of deforestation and uncontrolled logging became more apparent, leading to a growing interest in forest conservation.

Efforts to protect and conserve the forests of North Carolina gained momentum in the 1930s with the formation of the North Carolina Forest Service and the development of the state park system. Rendezvous Mountain itself became part of the Pisgah National Forest, which was established in 1916 and expanded in subsequent years.

The land that now comprises Rendezvous Mountain Educational State Forest was purchased by the North Carolina Forest Service in the late 20th century. The purpose of acquiring this land was to provide a site for environmental education and recreation. The forest was officially established as an educational state forest in 1987 and opened to the public in 1990.
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Rendezvous Mountain Educaational State Forest is located near North Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro and Hickory

1. Forest Discovery Trail: This is a 0. 75-mile loop trail that starts and ends at the forest office, offering an easy hike for beginners or families with young children. It features interpretive signs about local flora and fauna.

2. Rendezvous Mountain Loop Trail: A moderately challenging 3-mile long hiking route circling around the mountain's base, this path offers panoramic views of Wilkes County from various vantage points along its course.

3. Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail (OVNHT): Part of a national network commemorating Revolutionary War history, this section within Rendezvous State Educational Forest covers approximately two miles on moderate terrain through hardwood forests rich in wildlife sightings opportunities such as deer and wild turkey.

4. Ridge Top Hiking Trails: These trails are more strenuous due to their steep inclines but reward hikers with stunning vistas over surrounding landscapes including distant mountains ranges like Blue Ridge Mountains when weather conditions permit clear visibility.

5. Picnic Area Accessible Pathway: An accessible paved pathway leading to picnic areas equipped with tables & grills amidst shaded groves providing respite after hikes.

6. Creekside Nature Walks: Shorter paths running parallel to streams crisscrossing throughout parkland; these offer tranquil settings ideal for birdwatchers or those seeking peaceful surroundings away from busier main routes.

7. Forest Management Demonstration Trails: Designed specifically for educational purposes showcasing different aspects related sustainable forestry practices implemented across state-owned lands.

8. Wildflower Walking Paths: Seasonal pathways lined by diverse array native flowering plants blooming during spring/summer months adding vibrant colors against lush green backdrops creating picturesque scenes perfect photography enthusiasts.

9. Historic Homestead Site Exploration Route: Featuring remnants old farmstead structures dating back early settlers era giving insights into region's past rural lifestyles.

10. Advanced Wilderness Trekking Routes: Longer distance rugged tracks winding deep inside forest areas meant experienced hikers seeking challenging adventures amidst untouched natural environments.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
May 11 a kindle spark
park review stars; one to five Great place to reconnect with one another.
June 15 Great day for a wedding by The Happy Groom
park review stars; one to five Got married here on May 17th. Hiked in the park some the day before. The views from the park are awesome the park was very clean and the rangers are extremely nice. It is a wonderful place to get married or take the kids up for a day :-)
April 21 Great views by Bill S.
park review stars; one to five This park has some great views and the trails are nice. Rangers are very friendly. Great place to take kids. The forrest logging history trail and the forestry center is an added bonus, and I like how the picnic table are placed in the woods. Great park.
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Stoney Fork Campground
2199 Mount Zion Road
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1. Start by heading towards Asheville on I:40.
2. Take exit 53B onto I:240 W/US-74 ALT W toward Downtown Asheville.
3. Continue for about 4 miles and take exit 5A to merge onto US:25 N/Broadway Street.
4. Stay on US:25 N for approximately 6 miles until you reach Woodfin/Ox Creek Road (NC Hwy 251).
5. Turn left onto Woodfin/Ox Creek Road and continue straight for around half a mile.
6. At the traffic circle, take the second exit to stay on NC Hwy 251/Woodfin:Ox Creek Rd.
7. Continue driving northbound along NC Hwy.
8. After about six more miles turn right at Elkwood Avenue then after another two hundred feet make a slight left at Old Leicester Highway.
9. Drive westward down old leicester highway.
10. Turn Right Onto Newfound road.
11. Follow newfound rd till it ends into bear creek rd .
12. Take Bearcreek road south bound untill reaching rendezvous mountain state forest.

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North Carolina

North Carolina State Parks