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Round Lake State Park
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Round Lake State Park © Linda Lantzy - Idaho Scenic Images
Round Lake State Park © Linda Lantzy - Idaho Scenic Images
Round Lake State Park © Linda Lantzy - Idaho Scenic Images
Round Lake State Park © Linda Lantzy - Idaho Scenic Images
Round Lake State Park © Linda Lantzy - Idaho Scenic Images
Round Lake State Park © Linda Lantzy - Idaho Scenic Images
Round Lake State Park © Linda Lantzy - Idaho Scenic Images
Round Lake State Park © Linda Lantzy - Idaho Scenic Images
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1915 Dufort Rd
Sagle, Idaho   83860
(lat:48.1663 lon:-116.6373) map location

Phone: (208) 263-3489
Reservations: 208-263-3489
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Round Lake State Park is situated in 142 acres of forest surrounding a 58-acre lake at an elevation of 2,122 feet. The lake is the product of glacial activity dating back to the Pleistocene Epoch.

Flocks of Canada geese pass over towering pine, hemlock and larch as osprey plunge to the lake for trout or perch. Robins and raven inspect the campgrounds while a lake breeze carries campfire smoke up through the canopy of ponderosa, western red cedar and paper birch.

Close to shore, turtles and frogs, beaver and muskrat dart about for food amid the reeds and grasses, red alder, skunk cabbage and water lilies.

Along one of three trails, hikers find beaver lodges, dams and ponds and, often, glimpse a resident moose. With an afternoon breeze stirring the lake's waters, trout jump after insects as grebe dive under ripples and water ouzel dance on logs.

Echoing across the lake is a strange chorus of bullfrog and duck calls, red-winged blackbird screeches, odd splashes and plops, and the sound of children playing on the beach.
 Hiking Trailyes
 Water/Electric Sitesyes
Round Lake State Park Campground

Available Campsites Standard Campsites - limited to trailers 24' in length or less.

Amenities include individual campsites, central water, showers, and restroom facilities. A boat dock, boat launch for non-motorized boats, and swimming area are also available.

Reservation Season Reservations in the Round Lake Campground are available from May 19 through September 4th. Camping on a first come, first served basis is available year round.

Make a reservation online, or call 1 866 634-3246
1. Round Lake State Park offers a designated swimming area on the lake's sandy beach.
2. Lifeguards are not provided, so swim at your own risk.
3. Swimming is allowed from sunrise to sunset throughout summer months.
4. The water in Round Lake remains relatively warm due to its shallow depth, ideal for swimmers of all ages.
5. Inflatable devices and floaties can be used within the marked swimming areas only.

The park offers a variety of boating options for visitors. Non-motorized boats, canoes and kayaks are allowed on the lake to maintain its peaceful environment. There is also an accessible dock available for use by those with disabilities or mobility issues. Boat rentals including paddleboards, rowboats, pedal boats and canoes are offered at affordable rates during summer months.
Enjoy fishing in a serene 58-acre lake, home to several species including rainbow trout and largemouth bass. The park also offers ice-fishing during winter months. Fishing equipment rentals are available for convenience. A valid Idaho fishing license is required before casting your line.

Round Lake State Park is located near Sandpoint
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Round Lake State Park offers numerous picnic spots with tables and grills, surrounded by lush forest and lake views.
In this Idahoan natural reserve, biking enthusiasts can explore a variety of trails suitable for different skill levels.

The park's terrain offers both flat and hilly paths, providing diverse challenges to cyclists.

Mountain bikers should be aware that some routes may require advanced skills due to steep inclines or rocky surfaces.

Families with young children might prefer the smoother, more level pathways which are easier for little legs to navigate on bikes.

Cyclists must remain cautious as shared-use trails mean encountering pedestrians and wildlife is likely during your ride.

Remember: safety gear such as helmets is essential when cycling in any environment - especially off-road settings like these forested tracks!

It's crucial not only respect nature but also other visitors by adhering strictly to marked bike lanes throughout the area.

During winter months, certain sections could become inaccessible due to snowfall; always check conditions before setting out!
Birdwatchers can enjoy spotting a variety of species, including waterfowl and songbirds. The park also offers guided birding tours.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
September 11 Very well kept grounds.
park review stars; one to five Best camp hosts I have ever found anywhere!!
August 31 Great Family Fun by Redsrascals
park review stars; one to five This place rocks. We, and our kids, loved going here !!
July 18 great camping by werkirk
park review stars; one to five one of the cleanest bathroom`s and shower`s at a park i have seen,lake is marshie in part`s but over all a great place!
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