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Schoenbrunn Village State Memorial
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1984 E High Ave
New Philadelphia, Ohio   44663-3241
(lat:40.4671 lon:-81.4133) map location

Phone: (877) 278-8020
The Moravian church founded Schoenbrunn ("beautiful spring") in 1772 as a mission to the Delaware Indians. The settlement grew to include sixty dwellings and more than 300 inhabitants who drew up Ohio's first civil code and built its first Christian church and schoolhouse.

Problems associated with the American Revolution prompted Schoenbrunn's closing in 1777. Schoenbrunn's story features a rare meeting of Indian and European cultures and a fascinating perspective on the American Revolution.

Today the reconstructed village includes seventeen log buildings, gardens, the original mission cemetery, and a museum and visitor center. The site also includes natural areas and picnic facilities.
History of the Area
Schoenbrunn Village State Memorial, located in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, is a historic site that holds significant importance in the history of the state. Here is a brief history of Schoenbrunn Village:

1. Founding: Schoenbrunn Village was founded on May 1, 1772, by Christian Frederick Post, a Moravian missionary. It was the first settlement of the Ohio Company, a group of Moravian missionaries and Delaware Native Americans.

2. Moravian Mission: The purpose of establishing Schoenbrunn Village was to convert the Native Americans to Christianity. The Moravians aimed to establish a peaceful and productive community while spreading their religious beliefs.

3. Naming: The village was named "Schoenbrunn," which means "beautiful spring" in German. It was named after the Moravian settlement in Bohemia, present-day Czech Republic.

4. Growth: The village experienced rapid growth in its initial years, with Native Americans and European settlers living together in harmony. At its peak, it consisted of 300 residents, including Native American converts and Moravian missionaries.

5. Evacuation: Due to the American Revolutionary War and the escalating tensions with Native American tribes, the residents of Schoenbrunn Village evacuated in 1777. They abandoned the village and relocated to other Moravian settlements for safety.

6. Archaeological Discoveries: In the early 20th century, archaeological excavations uncovered the remains of the original Schoenbrunn Village site. These discoveries provided valuable insights into the village's layout and daily life.

7. Restoration: In the 1920s, a restoration project began to reconstruct Schoenbrunn Village on its original site. The Schoenbrunn Village State Memorial officially opened to the public in 1928.

8. State Memorial: Today, Schoenbrunn Village is a state memorial maintained by the Ohio History Connection. The site showcases reconstructed buildings, including the mission house, church, and several residential cabins, giving visitors a glimpse into the past.

9. Preservation and Interpretation: The memorial preserves the history of the Moravian missionary efforts, the Native American experience, and the early settlement of Ohio. It hosts various educational programs, living history demonstrations, and special events to provide a deeper understanding of history to visitors.

Schoenbrunn Village State Memorial stands as a significant reminder of the early European settlement in Ohio and the efforts of the Moravian missionaries in establishing peaceful relations with the Native American tribes.

Schoenbrunn Village State Memorial is located near Dover, New Philadelphia and Zanesville

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
December 16 by moore
park review stars; one to five The past three years Shoenbrunn village fair has been abolutely awesome. The fourth annual Fair will be held on October 20th and 21st, 2012 at the Schoenbrunn Village
May 17 Great Native Indian History in Ohio by Will & Elizabeth Blind Lanc OH
park review stars; one to five Great Candlelight Walk Tour on 05/15/2010. Well organized and performed by fine period dress impersonations.
July 22 Great summer trip! by C. Harmon
park review stars; one to five I have lived in the Dover-New Phila area all my life and ventured here with my family and always loved it. So when I decided to take my boys age 8 & 5 I knew they would love it too. And they did! A fantastic step back into time. A must see for history buffs and all! Adults and kids will love this park.
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