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Shine Tidelands State Park
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Shine Tidelands State Park Road
Port Ludlow, Washington   98365
(lat:47.8839 lon:-122.6333) map location

Phone: 360-779-3205
Shine Tidelands State Park is a 13-acre seasonal day-use park with 5,000 feet of tideland along Bywater Bay. At high tide, there is little beach available to the visitor. Low-tide shellfish-harvesting opportunities nearby. Kayaking and windsurfing are popular on the beach.
History of the Area
Shine Tidelands became part of the State Park system in 1967. The park property was formerly a portion of the Wolfe Property, named after original owners Elmer and Sophia Wolfe.
A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to Washington state parks for day use. For more information about the Discover Pass and exemptions, please visit the Discover Pass web page.
1. Shine Tidelands State Park offers a 5, 000 feet shoreline for swimming.
2. The park is located on the west side of Hood Canal Bridge in Washington.
3. Swimmers can enjoy panoramic views while taking dips into Puget Sound's waters.
4. Swimming at high tide provides deeper water and stronger currents suitable for experienced swimmers only.
5. Low tides reveal extensive tidelands ideal for wading or beginner-level swimming activities with supervision required due to strong undercurrents sometimes present even during low tide conditions.
6. The beach area does not have lifeguards so swimmer safety should be self-monitored carefully.

The park allows for primitive hand-launching of personal watercraft. There is no fee.
Enjoy fishing in a serene coastal environment. Species include salmon, flounder and crab. A shellfish license is required for clamming or oystering activities.

The park provides four unsheltered picnic tables, available first-come, first-served. No fires are permitted on the beach or on park property.
1. Tidelands Trail: This is a 0.8-mile loop trail that offers scenic views of the Hood Canal and Olympic Mountains, with opportunities to spot wildlife such as birds and seals.

2. Beach Walk Trail: A flat sandy path along the shoreline perfect for leisurely walks or picnics, offering stunning sunset views over the water.

3. Mudflat Exploration Pathway: An adventurous route during low tide where hikers can explore mudflats teeming with marine life like clams, crabs, starfishes etc., but caution must be taken due to slippery conditions.

4. Forest Loop Trail: Winding through dense forested areas within Shine Tideland State Park; this short hike provides an opportunity to observe local flora including Douglas fir trees and ferns undergrowth while listening out for bird calls from species native in Washington state forests.

5. Squamish Harbor Viewpoint Track: It's a slightly steep climb leading up towards panoramic vistas overlooking Squamish harbor - ideal place for photography enthusiasts who enjoy capturing landscapes.

6. Oyster Shell Littered Pathway: As you walk on this unique pathway littered by oyster shells left behind by generations of shellfish harvesters, it gives visitors insight into history & culture associated with area's traditional industries.

7. Wildlife Observation Route: Specifically designed keeping nature lovers in mind ; one could potentially sight deer grazing around park grounds early morning hours or watch herons fishing at dusk near shorelines.

8. Picnic Point Trekking Course: Perfect family:friendly hiking option which ends at picnic point equipped benches tables providing space relax after enjoyable trek amidst natural beauty surrounding them.

9. Low Tide Discovery Trails: These trails are accessible only during low tides revealing hidden treasures beneath sea level allowing explorations among tidal pools filled colorful sea creatures making each visit different exciting experience every time.
The park offers birdwatching opportunities, with species like Bald Eagles and Great Blue Herons often spotted. Other birds include various waterfowl, shorebirds during migration season, and woodland songbirds in the surrounding forests.

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Located seven miles south of Port Ludlow, Wash., off of Paradise Bay Rd in Jefferson County.

From Seattle: Take Seattle/Bainbridge Island Ferry to Bainbridge Island, and follow Hwy. 305 east to Hwy. 3. Drive north over Hood Canal Bridge to Paradise Bay Rd., and follow signs to Shine Tidelands.

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