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Skagit Island State Park
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It is always a great day for a picnic in the park.
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Skagit Island State Park is a 24-acre marine camping park in Skagit Bay. The island is forested with occasional meadows, rock outcroppings, attractive beaches and a land trail.

Park hours/updates:

Summer hours: 6:30 a.m. to dusk Winter hours: 8 a.m. to dusk
A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to Washington state parks for day use. For more information about the Discover Pass and exemptions, please visit the Discover Pass web page.
The park features primitive campsites and a vault toilet. Gas stoves are recommended, no fire stoves or firewood are available. There is no potable water or garbage service to the island. Visitors must pack out what they pack in.

Overnight vehicle fees must be paid at the Cornet Bay boat launch.

Check-in time is 2:30 p.m., and check-out time is 1 p.m.Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.Engine-driven electric generators may be operated only between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.Length of stay: You may stay up to ten consecutive days in any one park during the summer; the stay limit is extended to 20 days between Oct. 1 and March 31.
1. Skagit Island State Park offers a variety of swimming options.
2. The park is surrounded by water, providing ample space for open-water swimmers.
3. There are no designated swim areas or lifeguards on duty; visitors swim at their own risk.
4. Swimming off the island's beaches provides stunning views of surrounding mountains and wildlife sightings in clear waters.
5. Snorkeling can be enjoyed due to the clean visibility underwater around this marine state park area.
6. The best time for swimming is during summer when temperatures rise above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius).
7. Water shoes are recommended as some beach areas may have pebbles and shells that could cause discomfort while walking/swimming.

The park has one buoy available. Moorage fees are charged year round for mooring at docks, floats and buoys from 1 p.m. to 8 a.m.
Enjoy saltwater fishing from the shore or a boat. Species include salmon, flounder and Dungeness crab among others.

Skagit Island State Park offers picnic tables and grills, perfect for a family outing. No covered shelters are available.
1. North Shore Trail: This trail offers a scenic view of the northern shoreline, with opportunities to spot wildlife and marine life.

2. South Beach Pathway: A short walk that leads directly to the southern beach area where visitors can enjoy picnicking or sunbathing.

3. West Island Loop: An easy loop around the western part of Skagit Island offering panoramic views over Puget Sound and surrounding islands.

4. East Side Nature Walk: A peaceful nature walk through dense forest on eastern side providing bird-watching opportunities along with glimpses into local flora & fauna.

5. Central Forest Hike Route: The central hiking route takes you deep inside island's lush greenery for an immersive experience in wilderness.

6. Campground Access Trails: These trails provide access from various parts of park towards campground areas; ideal for those planning overnight stays at Park's campgrounds.

7. Viewpoint Spur Paths: Short offshoots from main trails leading up to viewpoints overlooking stunning vistas across water bodies nearby.

8. Interpretive Trails: Guided paths featuring informative signs about natural history, geology, ecology etc., enhancing understanding about environment while enjoying hike.

9. Tidal Pool Exploration Track: Special track near shorelines allowing exploration during low tides revealing fascinating tidal pool ecosystems.

10. Kayak Landing Point Trail: Specifically designed path facilitating kayakers' movement between landing point & rest of park.
Birdwatchers can spot species like bald eagles, ospreys and various waterfowl. The park is also home to songbirds.

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The park is located in Skagit County.

The park is reachable only by boat. It is one mile east of Hoypus Point, and approximately 1.5 miles east of Cornet Bay, Deception Pass State Park.

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Washington State Parks