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Washington State Parks

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Columbia River Plateau Region
Summer Falls State Park
Summer Falls State Park summer fall state parl © penny lapsley
summer fall state park
Summer Falls State Park © penny lapsley
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A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to Washington state parks for day use. For more information about the Discover Pass and exemptions, please visit the Discover Pass web page.

1. Summer Falls Trail: This is a 2-mile round trip trail that leads to the stunning Summer Falls waterfall. The path has moderate difficulty with some steep sections and rocky terrain.

2. Lakeview Loop: A scenic, easy-to-moderate level hiking loop of about 3 miles around the park's central lake offering beautiful views of waterfowl and other wildlife.

3. Pine Ridge Pathway: An intermediate-level hike through dense pine forests stretching for approximately four miles; it offers excellent bird-watching opportunities along its course.

4. Meadow Walk Trail: Easy one mile walk across open meadows filled with wildflowers during springtime, perfect for families or those seeking a leisurely stroll in nature.

5. Canyon Climb Route: Challenging six-mile trek up into surrounding canyons providing panoramic vistas over entire state park area - recommended only for experienced hikers due to rugged conditions and significant elevation gain.

6. River Run Track: Four-and-a-half mile track running parallel to river bank featuring diverse flora & fauna as well as fishing spots at various points on route - suitable both beginners/intermediate hikers.

7. Sunset Peak Hike: Strenuous seven-mile uphill climb leading directly onto summit of Sunset Peak where breathtaking sunset views await adventurous climbers who make ascent towards end day.

8. Wildlife Watcher's Waypoint: Two Mile gentle pathway designed specifically animal enthusiasts looking spot local species their natural habitat including deer, raccoons squirrels among others.

9. Hidden Cave Exploration Trek: Three:Mile moderately difficult journey taking explorers off beaten path discover hidden caves nestled within Park's rock formations.

10. Nature Discovery Kids'Trail: One half mile educational trail created especially children learn more about native plants animals they encounter way.

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April 15 A Great Place To Have Outdoor Concerts by AlexSGabor
park review stars; one to five Nicely maintained park, would like to findout how to organize concerts out there.
June 26 Wedding Paradise
park review stars; one to five Imagine your wedding photos with a beautiful landscaped park and the falls behind you
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Washington State Parks