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Southeast Region
Tongass National Forest
Tongass National Forest Ceremonial House © Jim Oakley
Icy Strait Point
Tongass National Forest Hoonah Packing Company © Jim Oakley
Icy Strait Point
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648 Mission Street Federal Building
Ketchikan, Alaska   99901

Phone: 907-225-3101
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You can camp in a campground - or in a cabin. You can hike through dense forest, alpine meadow, or on a wooden trail through marshland called muskeg. You can explore world-class caves. You can enjoy salt water fjords and unending waterways by canoe or kayak, your own motor or sail boat, charter boat, ferry, or cruise ship. You can watch bears, eagles, whales, and countless other critters in their natural settings. You can visit glaciers by land or sea. And of course, you can fish - fresh or salt water, everything from herring to trout to salmon to halibut. For a real Alaskan experience, visit the Tongass.
 Hiking Trailyes
The Tongass has over 150 rustic cabins scattered at remote lakes and seaside locations from Humpback Lake south of Ketchikan to Situk Lake north of Yakutat. Containing warming stoves and plywood bunks, tables and benches, they can be reserved.
1. Anan Wildlife Observatory Campsite: This campsite is located near the observatory and offers a unique opportunity to view wildlife such as bears, eagles, seals in their natural habitat.

2. Admiralty Island National Monument: The monument has several campsites that are accessible by boat or floatplane only. It's an excellent place for fishing and bear viewing.

3. Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center Campground: Located close to Juneau, this campground provides easy access to hiking trails leading up towards the glacier itself.

4. Ketchikan Misty Fjords Ranger District Cabins: These cabins can be rented out year-round but require advance booking due to high demand during peak season (May-September).

5. Petersburg Ranger District Cabin Rentals: There are numerous rustic cabin rentals available within Tongass National Forest around Petersburg area which offer great opportunities for hunting, fishing & exploring wilderness areas of Alaska.

6. Wrangell Outfitters: They provide guided camping trips into remote parts of Tongass forest where you could experience Alaskan wild at its best!

7. Starrigavan Recreation Area: Near Sitka offering both tent sites & RV parking with basic amenities like picnic tables etc., it's also popular spot among bird watchers.

8. Signal Mountain Lodge: A full:service lodge inside national park providing comfortable accommodation options along with various outdoor activities including boating on nearby lakes/rivers.

9. Yakutat Ranger Station Camping Grounds: Close proximity from beach makes it ideal location if you're interested in surfing/fishing while enjoying your stay amidst dense rainforest.

10. Bartlett Cove Public Use Dock And Camper Drop-off Point: If planning trip via waterway then these docks would come handy plus they have designated camper drop off points too!
Tongass National Forest offers a variety of swimming options for visitors. Some people enjoy taking a dip in the forest's numerous lakes, such as Redoubt Lake and Swan Lake which are known for their clear waters and beautiful surroundings.

For those who prefer river swimming, Tongass has several rivers like Situk River or Chilkoot River where one can swim against gentle currents amidst lush greenery. However, it is important to be cautious due to potential wildlife encounters including bears that frequent these areas.

The forest also features hot springs perfect for soaking after long hikes; Baranof Warm Springs being among the most popular ones with its therapeutic warm water pools surrounded by stunning wilderness views.

In addition to natural bodies of water within the park boundaries, there are coastal beaches along Inside Passage offering opportunities not only for ocean swims but also beachcombing activities during low tides.
Boating is a popular activity in this Alaskan location, with options ranging from guided tours to independent exploration. Kayaking and canoeing are common ways to navigate the area's many lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. There are also opportunities for rafting adventures on some of its wilder waterways. For those who prefer motorized boating or sailing, there are numerous marinas that provide access points throughout the forest region as well as boat rentals available at various locations within it.
In Southeast Alaska, a vast expanse of wilderness offers diverse fishing opportunities. Anglers can enjoy both freshwater and saltwater experiences in this area that spans 500 miles from the Canadian border to the northern Pacific Ocean. Freshwater options include numerous rivers, streams, lakes and ponds where one could catch species such as Dolly Varden char, cutthroat trout or rainbow trout.

For those interested in salmon fishing; pink salmon (also known as humpback), sockeye (red) salmon , coho (silver) salmon are abundant during their respective seasons along with king(chinook)salmon which is largest among them all . Steelhead - an ocean-going variety of rainbow trout- also inhabit these waters but they require special permits for catching due to conservation efforts.

Saltwater enthusiasts have access to marine fisheries teeming with halibut - some reaching up to several hundred pounds! Rockfish varieties like yellow eye rock fish & black bass are common too while shellfish including crabs and shrimps add diversity.

Remember though: regulations vary by location within this region so it's important you check local rules before casting your line!

Tongass National Forest is

Tongass National Forest in Alaska offers a variety of picnicking options for visitors. There are numerous designated picnic areas throughout the forest, many with stunning views of mountains, lakes and rivers. Some sites have amenities like tables and grills while others offer more primitive settings where you can spread out your blanket on the grass or beach. You may also enjoy a packed lunch during hiking breaks at scenic spots along trails or near waterfalls. Wildlife viewing is often part of these outdoor meals as Tongass hosts species such as bears, eagles and salmon among its rich biodiversity.

1. Deer Mountain Trail: This 3-mile trail offers a challenging hike with an elevation gain of around 3000 feet, leading to the summit of Deer Mountain which provides panoramic views over Ketchikan and surrounding islands.

2. Perseverance Lake Trail: A moderate difficulty level trail that stretches for about three miles through lush rainforest terrain towards the beautiful Perseverance Lake.

3. Nugget Falls Trail: An easy one mile round trip walk offering stunning views of Mendenhall Glacier and culminating at breathtaking Nugget Falls waterfall.

4. West Glacier Spur Road Trails System: Consists several trails including Steep Creek Loop (easy), Moraine Ecology (moderate) & East/West Dike Trails (difficult). Each offer unique experiences such as wildlife viewing or glacier exploration.

5. Rainbird Hiking Trial: Located in Ketchikan, this is a relatively short but scenic route providing great vistas overlooking Revillagigedo Channel and nearby mountainside landscapes.

6. Starrigavan Recreation Area - Sitka: Offers multiple trails like Estuary Life Nature loop( Easy ), Forest nature loop(Moderate ), Mosquito Cove(Hard).

7. Dredge Lakes area near Juneau: Comprises numerous interconnected flat trials suitable for all skill levels featuring lakes, rivers.

8. Windfall lake trial: Challenging day long trek covering approximately thirteen miles from Herbert river valley to Windfall lake cabin.

9. Peterson creek salt chuck west system: Petersburg Ranger District; Provides access into remote wilderness areas via series off interconnecting routes ranging from easy walks along boardwalks too strenuous climbs up mountain ridges.

10. Treadwell Historic Mine Ruins Park: Douglas Island ; Network off walking paths meandering among ruins old gold mines adjacent sandy beach coastline .

11. Herb River Trial: Moderate six mile path following Herb river upstream past cascading waterfalls through dense old growth forest.

12. Beaver Lake Trial: Easy two mile loop around scenic beaver lake offering opportunities for bird watching and wildlife viewing.

13. Ward Creek Trail: This is a relatively flat trail that stretches about 3 miles, perfect for leisurely walks or bike rides amidst the serene beauty of Tongass National Forest.

14. Carlanna Lake Trail: A steep hike leading to Carlanaa lake, which offers fishing opportunity along with beautiful views.

15. Dan Moller trial: Juneau Ranger District ; Moderately difficult uphill trek providing panoramic vistas over Gastineau channel towards downtown Juneau from summit ridge line.

16. Sitka Cross Trial system: Sitka ranger district; Series interconnected trails crisscrossing across entire island ranging easy strolls along coastal beaches too strenuous hikes up mountain peaks.
Birding enthusiasts have a plethora of options in this Alaskan forest. The area is home to over 280 species, including the rare Queen Charlotte goshawk and marbled murrelet. Bird watchers can explore various habitats such as coastal rainforests, alpine tundra, wetlands and muskegs where they may spot bald eagles or great blue herons among others. There are also several bird-watching tours available that offer guided experiences through different parts of the forest for both novice and experienced birders alike.

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Located in southeast Alaska.

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