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Tuskegee National Forest
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Tuskegee National Forest Creature View © Alicia Green
I found these plants quite interesting and thought it might be fun to shoot a pic from the level of a small woodland animal exploring the forest.
Tuskegee National Forest Into the Wood © Alicia Green
The contour and enveloping reach of the limbs of this felled tree captured my attention.
Tuskegee National Forest Bartram Trail © Alicia Green
The trails were wet from a recent rain and we had to compete with bikers, but it was still a pleasant and interesting hike. Many of the woods took on a mysterious, fantasy woodland feel probably from the largely untamed areas of forest.
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125 National Forest Rd 949
Tuskegee, Alabama   36083
(lat:32.4788 lon:-85.6095) map location

Phone: (334) 727-2652
There are scores of fun pastimes to gratify everybody. Dry warm beds await you at Hampton Inn Auburn, and in the event that you don?t have a problem getting drenched, you can always go whitewater paddling on Sougahatchee Creek. After a long day outdoors Best Western University Convention Center is a perfect site to spend a night or two, and you're sure to stumble upon some friendly folks from Notasulga here.Tuskegee National Forest is a common location to spend time for people from Notasulga. Lots of precipitation falls at Tuskegee National Forest; through March this area sees the most rain, and October is the month with the least moisture. After a long day outdoors Sleep Inn & Suites is a great place to spend a night or two.This is no location for people who don?t like to have a good time. Golf can be played at PinOaks Golf Club; why not camp at Leisure Time Campgrounds since you're here at Tuskegee National Forest. A journey to Tuskegee National Forest is a wonderful selection when you must spend some time in nature. Do visit Vaughans Mill Pond in the neighborhood of Tuskegee National Forest, it's a beautiful lake, and swing by Hodnett Creek it's a good location to stop at.The splendid attractiveness of Tuskegee National Forest is there for your viewing contentment. If you need a place to stay Comfort Inn Auburn is a good choice, and Tuskegee National Forest is worth stopping at. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Auburn, Al is a nice site to get some rest, and camping is available at Bar-w RV Park.Tuskegee National Forest has a large amount of natural attractiveness; it's a location that is popular with people from far and near. Summertime highs at Tuskegee National Forest ordinarily tend to be in the 90's. For the period of the moonlight hours it's commonly in the 60's. The cold days of the wintertime come with highs in the 50's, and overnight lows during the wintertime for Tuskegee National Forest tend to be in the 20's. There is great outdoors recreation at Tuskegee National Forest, so you can have loads of fun.
1. Bartram Trail Campsite: This is a primitive campsite located along the 8-mile long Bartram National Recreation Trail.

2. Taska Recreational Area: It offers camping, picnicking and fishing opportunities with amenities like picnic tables, grills, drinking water and restrooms available on site.

3. Uchee Shooting Range & Camping Grounds: A popular spot for hunters during hunting season that also provides basic camping facilities such as fire rings but no running water or electricity.

4. Primitive Backcountry Camping Sites: Tuskegee National Forest allows dispersed backcountry camping throughout most of its area where you can set up your tent anywhere off-trail provided it's at least 200 feet from any road or body of water to minimize impact on natural resources.

5. Nearby RV Parks: If you prefer more comfort while staying close to nature then consider nearby RV parks like Auburn Legends RV Resort which offer full hookups including electric power supply, sewer service etc., plus additional recreational activities within their premises.

6. Piney Woods Picnic Area: Although not specifically designed for overnight stays this place has plenty space around if one wishes to pitch a tent there after enjoying some nice family time over BBQ in daytime hours.
In this 11,000-acre woodland area located in the southern part of Alabama, fishing enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of options. The forest's Uchee Creek is home to several species including largemouth bass and catfish which are popular among anglers. Additionally, crappie and bream also inhabit these waters providing diverse opportunities for sportfishing or leisurely angling activities.

Tuskegee National Forest is located near Auburn, Opelika and Tallassee

Tuskegee National Forest in Alabama offers a variety of picnicking options for visitors. There are several designated picnic areas with tables and grills where you can enjoy your meal amidst the beauty of nature. Some sites also have restroom facilities nearby for convenience. If you prefer more solitude, there are plenty of open spaces throughout the forest that make perfect spots for a quiet, scenic picnic as well - just remember to pack out what you bring in! In addition to picnicking, Tuskegee National Forest provides opportunities for hiking, fishing and wildlife viewing which could enhance your outdoor dining experience even further.

1. Bartram National Recreation Trail: This is the longest trail in Tuskegee National Forest, stretching over 8 miles long. It's a moderately difficult hike that offers beautiful views of hardwood forests and pine plantations.

2. Pleasant Hill Bike Trail: A multi-use path for hikers and bikers alike, this looped route spans approximately five miles through mixed forest terrain with gentle slopes making it suitable for beginners or families.

3. Taska Recreational Area Trails: These trails are perfect for those looking to enjoy an easy walk amidst nature's beauty without much physical exertion required; they cover about two miles around Lake Taska featuring picnic areas along the way.

4. Uchee Shooting Range Loop Hiking Trail: Spanning just under three miles round trip, this lightly trafficked hiking trail features diverse flora and fauna as well as opportunities to spot wildlife such as deer or wild turkey throughout your journey.

5. Tuskegee Equestrian Multi-Use Pathway (TEMP): While primarily designed for horseback riding activities within its seven-mile stretch across varied terrains including wetlands & upland pines - walkers can also explore these pathways on foot but should be mindful of equestrians sharing their space.

6. Pleasant Hill Fire Tower Road Walk-In Hunting Access Point: Though not strictly a traditional hiking trail per se - hunters often use this access point which leads into dense woodland where game species like white-tailed deer thrive during hunting season from October till January each year.

7. Bold Destiny/Bartram Connector Horse Riding Route: Another shared pathway between riders & pedestrians covering nearly four-miles traversing scenic landscapes dotted by creekside vistas en-route.

8. Old Plank Road Nature Walking Track: An ideal choice if you're seeking solitude while exploring local biodiversity spread across less than half-a-mile distance near Notasulga town limits.

9. Sweet Shrub Scenic Drive: Although primarily a driving route, this 6-mile scenic drive also offers several pull-offs and picnic areas where hikers can stop to explore the surrounding forest on foot.

10. Tuskegee National Forest Interpretive/Discovery Trail: This short trail is perfect for families with young children or anyone interested in learning more about local plant life; it features informative signage along its half-aile stretch located near ranger station premises.

11. Uchee Creek Firebreak Hiking Pathway: A less frequented hiking option that takes you through dense pine forests over an approximate distance of two miles starting from Uchee shooting range area.

12. Pleasant Hill West Loop Horse Riding & Walking Track: Another multi-use pathway covering nearly three-miles featuring mixed hardwood-pine ecosystems ideal for birdwatching activities besides regular walking or riding ventures.
The forest in Alabama offers a wide range of birding options, with over 125 species recorded. It is home to various habitats such as pine forests, hardwood swamps and open fields attracting diverse birds like the Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Brown-headed Nuthatch and Bachman's Sparrow. The Bartram's Trail provides an excellent route for birdwatchers while Uchee Shooting Range attracts numerous sparrows during winter months.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
July 19 Hidden Beauties
park review stars; one to five To enjoy this forest, you need to know where and when to look. Go on the Bartram Trail in late spring & early summer and the magnolia forest will be in bloom. Go on the Tsinia Wildlife Viewing Area trail early in the morning or late at night to see all the animals. Go swimming in the Uphapee or Choctafaula Creek and rest on their beaches. Choose anywhere to camp and go star-gazing. Go fishing in the pond (catfish & bass)or hunting (deer & doves). There is also a shooting range, plenty of wildberries, swamps, and other cool stuff.
May 28 fishing
park review stars; one to five we wade the creeks and fish the ponds, not to snakey and catch plenty of catfish, sunfish, and bass
April 1 Interesting Hike in the summer.
park review stars; one to five Tuskegee National Forest is not an extremely exciting region for a family but still worth a hike through. There are only a few trails but it does contain an 8 mile trail through the interior of the forest. Not that great for a tourist but a good site for research concerning Auburn University. Has a few nice campsites and is fairly secluded.
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Area Campgrounds
Bar-W RV Park
891 County Road 395
Auburn, AL
University Station RV Resort
3076 Alabama 14
Auburn, AL
Auburn RV Park at Leisure Time Campground
2670 South College Street
Auburn, AL
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1. Start by heading east on I:85.
2. Take exit 26A toward US:231 S/Troy Highway.
3. Merge onto Troy Hwy/US:231 S and continue for approximately 8 miles.
4. Turn left onto AL:110 E/Waugh Ferry Road (signs for Waugh).
5. Continue on AL:110 E for about 20 miles until you reach Notasulga.
6. In Notasulga, turn right onto Co Rd 40/East St/School Street (follow signs towards Shorter).
7. Continue straight on County Road 40 East/Steele Station Road/Macon County Route #9E for approximately another mile.

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Alabama State Parks