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Unity Lake State Recreation Site
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Unity, Oregon   97884
(lat:44.4947 lon:-118.1876) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
The high desert surroundings of this park offer a unique experience to its guests. The fragrant smell of juniper lingers in the air and thrills the senses. The cool grass of the park is a vibrant contrast to the sagebrush and cheatgrass of the bordering lands. The Burnt River comes to rest behind the Unity Dam before continuing its path down the valley. Relax on the shores or enjoy water sports. There?s a boat ramp to accommodate the water skier as well as the angler. A peacefulness will engulf you at Unity Lake State Recreation Area whatever you choose to do.
History of the Area
Located in Baker County, Oregon, the recreational area known as Unity Lake was established and opened to public use in 1969. The site is situated near the small town of Unity and spans over a vast expanse of approximately 915 acres.

The creation of this recreation spot came about due to an initiative by Burnt River Irrigation District which led to the construction of a dam on Burnt River for irrigation purposes. This resulted in creating what we now know as Unity Reservoir or commonly referred to as "Unity Lake".

In its early years after establishment, it quickly became popular among locals and tourists alike because it offered various outdoor activities such as fishing (with species like rainbow trout), boating with two boat ramps available at different locations around the lake; camping facilities including RV hookups were also provided making overnight stays possible.

Over time additional amenities have been added that include picnic areas equipped with tables & grills along with restrooms providing convenience for day visitors too. A trail system has also been developed offering hiking opportunities while enjoying scenic views surrounding this man-made reservoir.
1. Unity Lake Campground: This campground is located within the park and offers 34 campsites for tents, trailers or RVs with electric hookups available at some sites. Amenities include picnic tables, fire rings, drinking water and restrooms.

2. Burnt River Ranch Camp: Located just a few miles from Unity Lake State Recreation Site, this campsite provides tent camping as well as cabins for rent.

3. Farewell Bend State Park: About an hour's drive away but worth considering if you're exploring the area more broadly; it has over 100 campsites including full hookup options plus yurts to stay in too!

4. Oregon Trail Wagon Train RV Park & Horse Motel: A unique option about half an hour away that caters specifically to those traveling with horses (though all are welcome). They offer both pull:through RV spots and primitive camping areas.

5. Hilgard Junction State Park: Another state park around one-hour driving distance which also offers basic facilities like toilets etc., along with fishing opportunities on Grande Ronde river nearby.

Unity Lake offers a variety of boating options for visitors. The lake has two boat ramps, one is accessible all year round and the other during high water level periods only. Motorized boats are allowed on the lake but there's a 10 mph speed limit to ensure safety and maintain tranquility in this natural setting. Non-motorized vessels like canoes or kayaks are also welcome here.
Enjoy fishing for rainbow trout, smallmouth bass and crappie in a serene lake setting. Boat ramps are available too.

Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck catching bullhead catfish or yellow perch from the shoreline or boat.

Ice-fishing is an option during winter months when conditions permit, offering unique opportunities to catch various species of fish.

Unity Lake State Recreation Site is
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Unity Lake State Recreation Site offers picnic tables, grills and a covered pavilion for picnicking with beautiful lake views.
Biking enthusiasts should be aware that options are limited. There aren't any designated bike trails available within the park.

While biking is allowed, it's primarily on campground roads and parking areas which can get busy with vehicles.

It's crucial to remain vigilant due to potential traffic from other campers and recreational users in these shared spaces.

Off-road or mountain biking isn't recommended as terrain is not suitable for such activities here.

Remember always wear a helmet when cycling, regardless of where you're riding.

Cyclists must adhere strictly to all safety rules while enjoying their ride around this scenic location in Oregon state.
1. Unity Lake Loop: This is a 2-mile loop trail that circles the entire lake, offering panoramic views of both water and mountains.

2. Burnt River Canyon Trail: A moderate difficulty level hike with an elevation gain of about 500 feet over its length; it offers stunning canyon vistas along the way.

3. High Ridge Pathway: An easy to moderately difficult path which takes hikers through dense forests up to high ridges for breathtaking mountainous scenery.

4. Lakeside Nature Walk: Perfect for families or those seeking a leisurely stroll, this flat pathway follows closely alongside Unity Lake's shoreline providing ample opportunities for bird watching and picnicking spots under shady trees.

5. Baldy Peak Hike: For more experienced adventurers who are looking forward to challenging themselves can take on this strenuous uphill trek leading towards Baldy peak summit where they will be rewarded by sweeping views across Eastern Oregon landscape from atop.

6. Deer Creek Interpretive Trail: As name suggests,this short educational walk features several interpretative signs explaining local flora & fauna making it ideal choice especially if you have kids in tow.

7. Eagle Point Overlook Track: Another relatively shorter but steep climb ending at viewpoint overlooking vast expanses of surrounding wilderness area.

8. Ponderosa Pine Forest Trek: It's longer route meandering through thick pine forest giving chance encounter wildlife like deer, squirrels etc while enjoying tranquility away from crowd.

9. Sunset Viewpoint Stroll: Short evening walk best suited catching beautiful sunset hues reflecting off calm waters unity lake creating mesmerizing spectacle worth capturing your camera lens.

10. Wildflower Meadow Wander: Springtime favorite when wildflowers bloom full glory adding splash color already picturesque landscapes around park.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
June 15 A temporary stop by ERP
park review stars; one to five A beautiful place. Dogs and humans liked the facilities. Super clean. No fee day use, but nobody chased us asking for money.
May 25 The park is excellent.
park review stars; one to five Myself,Husband and friends have been going fishing and relaxing in this park for 20 years.Lots of great inprovments . It is perfect. Just got back from 2 weeks there, and weather was bad.Strong winds and cold. Not the best for fishing. We will be there again in the fall for beach fishing. So fun. Thanks for having a great place. It is a Gods creation for sure.
October 8 very nice park, great staff,
park review stars; one to five
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1. Start by heading east on I:84 E for about 160 miles.
2. Take exit 302A to merge onto US:395 S toward John Day/Burns and continue driving south for around 70 miles.
3. In Long Creek, turn left onto OR:402 E/Forest Service Rd 52 towards Monument/Dayville and drive for approximately 30 miles.
4. Continue straight onto Forest Road (FR)10/South Fork Road at a junction near Austin Junction/Canyon City Ranger Station.

If you are coming from Bend or central Oregon instead:
1a: Begin by taking US Highway Route #20 East out of Bend.
2a: Follow this road through Burns until it intersects with U.S.Route#26.
3a: Turn right here following signs that say "John Day".
4b: Stay on route #26 as it passes through Prairie City then Bates where there will be another intersection.

5c: At this point take FR( forest service )Road number ten which leads directly into Unity.

Once you have reached Unity:
6. From downtown unity head north along Main Street / County Hwy:S60, after roughly half mile make slight right staying on county hwy:S60.
7. After traveling approximatley two more blocks turn left continuing North still now called South Foothill Drive.

After reaching your destination :
8. The entrance to the park should be visible ahead ; proceed forward turning slightly Right entering parking area just before lake shore line.
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