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White River Falls State Park
White River Falls State Park © Bonnie Moreland (free images) / Public Domain
White River Falls State Park © niiicedave / CC BY-SA 2.0
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White River Road
Maupin, Oregon   97037
(lat:45.2402 lon:-121.0932) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Central Oregon's White River Falls plunges 90' over a basalt shelf, testament to the violent geological forces that carved the region millions of years ago. An overlook is a short walk from the parking area.

A steep, rough .7-mile trail takes hikers deep into the canyon to the historic hydroelectric power plant at the base of the falls, then on to Lower White River Falls. One of the first hydroelectric power plants in Oregon, it supplied electricity to Wasco and Sherman Counties from 1910-1963.

The park is open year-round, though the main parking lot and flush restroom close during winter. Spring is the best time to see the waterfall's thunderous flow by fall it slows to a few trickles.

CAUTION Swimming is not recommended due to deadly and unpredictable river currents.
History of the Area
Once known as Tygh Valley State Wayside, Pacific Power and Light Company gave the state 255.13 acres in 1969. In 1970, the state received a patent on 40 acres formerly held by the Bureau of Land Management. In 1978, a land exchanged with a private property owner completed the park. Pacific Power and Light Company acquired the White River Falls area for hydroelectric generation in 1910 and produced electricity here to 1963.

White River Falls State Park is

White River Falls State Park offers picnic tables with stunning waterfall views. No covered areas or cooking facilities are available.
1. White River Falls Trail: This is a short, 0.6-mile trail that leads to the main attraction of the park - The White River Falls and an old hydroelectric power plant.

2. Upper Viewpoint Trail: A brief but steep path leading up from the parking area towards a viewpoint overlooking both falls in their entirety for panoramic views.

3. Lower Powerhouse Pathway: Descending down into Tygh Valley, this pathway offers close-up views of Celestial and lower waterfalls along with remnants of historic powerhouse structures.

4. Riverside Loop Trail: An easy loop around part of Deschutes riverbank offering serene riverside scenery as well as opportunities for bird watching or fishing activities.

5. Tygh Creek Hike: Longer than other trails at about two miles round trip; it follows alongside Tygh creek through dense forested areas providing ample shade during hot summer days.

6. Celestial Fall Overlook Walkway: Short walkaway branching off from main trail which takes you directly above thundering waters cascading over basalt cliffs forming Celestial fall - one among three major falls within state park boundaries.

7. Picnic Area Trails: Several small interconnected pathways crisscross picnic grounds allowing visitors to explore different sections while enjoying outdoor meals amidst natural settings.

8. Wildflower Meadow Stroll Route: During spring season when wildflowers bloom abundantly across meadows adjacent to hiking paths, these routes provide excellent opportunity for nature photography enthusiasts.

9. River Access Paths: These are unmarked dirt tracks descending toward river bank where adventurous hikers can enjoy solitude by less frequented parts near rushing white-water rapids.

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1. Start by getting on I:84 E from NE Multnomah St and NE Grand Ave.
2. Continue driving on I:84 E for about 100 miles until you reach exit 97 toward US-197 S/Dufur/Bend.
3. Take this exit onto US:197 S and continue for approximately 20 miles.
4. Look out for signs directing you to White River Falls State Park as you approach Tygh Valley Road/USFS Rd #48 (also known as Wamic Market Road).
5. Turn left onto Tygh Valley Road/USFS Rd #48 and drive westward towards Maupin/Wapinitia Highway/Oregon Route OR216.

At this point, there are two possible routes depending on your preference:

Option A: Scenic Drive
6a) For a scenic route with beautiful views along the Deschutes River Canyon, turn right at Maupin/Wapinitia Hwy/OR216 heading southbound.
7a) Follow OR216 South through Sherar's Bridge Loop where it crosses over the Deschutes River twice before continuing southeast towards Pine Grove/Juniper Flat area.
8a) After around six miles or so past Juniper Flat Campground signpost (on your left), watch carefully for signage indicating White River Falls State Park entrance road which will be another mile ahead after passing an old homestead site called "Wagonblast.".
9a) Turn right into that marked gravel access road leading directly into White river falls state park parking lot.

Option B: Direct Route
6b) If you prefer a more direct route without detouring via Sherar's Bridge Loop:.
7b). Stay straight instead of turning off at MAUPIN / WAPINITIA HWY/OR216.
8b) Continue on Tygh Valley Road/USFS Rd #48 for approximately 5 miles until you reach the entrance road to White River Falls State Park, which will be marked with signage indicating its presence.
9b). Turn right into that gravel access road leading directly into the park's parking lot.

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Oregon State Parks