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Oregon Coast Region
Yoakam Point State Natural Site
Yoakam Point State Natural Site © Ben Prepelka
Yaquina Point State Park sign
Yoakam Point State Natural Site © Ben Prepelka
Yaquina Head Lighthouse on Yaquina Point
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The Yoakam Point State Natural Site is a picturesque natural reserve located in Coos County, Oregon. Known for its stunning coastal views and diverse wildlife, the site offers visitors an opportunity to explore rugged cliffs overlooking sandy beaches and tide pools teeming with marine life. The park features several hiking trails that wind through lush forests of Sitka spruce trees leading towards breathtaking viewpoints over the Pacific Ocean. It's also home to various bird species making it a popular spot among bird watchers while whale watching can be enjoyed during migration seasons.

History of the Area
Located in the U.S. state of Oregon, this natural site is named after a local pioneer family who settled there during the 19th century - The Yoakam Family. It was officially designated as a State Natural Site by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

The area has been known for its rich biodiversity with unique flora and fauna that have attracted nature enthusiasts over time. Its picturesque views overlooking Cape Arago lighthouse also make it an attractive spot for photographers or those seeking tranquility amidst nature's beauty.

In terms of facilities development, picnic tables were added to enhance visitor experience around mid-20th century while maintaining minimal human intervention on its natural landscape.

Over years, efforts towards conservation have remained consistent ensuring protection against potential threats like pollution or excessive tourism activities which could disrupt ecological balance within this region.

Yoakam Point offers picnic tables with ocean views. There are no covered areas, so picnicking is weather-dependent. No reservation required.
1. Coastal Trail: This trail offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and is a popular choice for bird watchers.

2. Yoakam Point Loop: A 0.7-mile loop that takes hikers through dense forest, offering glimpses of wildlife such as deer and squirrels along with beautiful wildflowers during springtime.

3. Sunset Bay to Cape Arago Hiking Trail: Starting from nearby Sunset Bay State Park, this moderate difficulty hike leads you right into Yoakam Point Natural Site providing breathtaking coastal vistas on its way.

4. Shore Acres Interpretive Trail: An easy walk leading towards an old estate garden which now forms part of the park's attractions; it also provides access to secluded beaches at Simpson Beach or Shell Island depending upon tide conditions.

5. South Cove Viewpoint Spur: Short but steep spur off main trails taking visitors directly down to rocky shoreline where they can observe marine life in tidal pools up close.

6. North Cove Access Pathway: Another short path branching out from primary routes allowing beach access via wooden stairs built over rugged cliffsides - perfect spot for picnicking while watching waves crash against rocks below.

7. Lighthouse Viewing Platform Route: Although not exactly a hiking trail, this paved pathway does lead uphill towards viewpoint overlooking historic Cape Arago lighthouse situated offshore.

8. Gregory Ridge Connector Trails (North & South): These two connector paths link various parts within site enabling longer hikes across different terrains including forests, meadows , wetlands etc., thereby enhancing overall outdoor experience here.

9. Whale Watching Overlook Track: As name suggests, ideal place for spotting migrating whales especially between December:April when these majestic creatures pass by Oregon coast en route their annual migration journey northwards/southwards respectively.

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Area Campgrounds
Sun Outdoors Coos Bay
90281 Cape Arago Highway
Coos Bay, OR
The Mill Casino RV Park
3201 Tremont Avenue
North Bend, OR
The Mill Casino Hotel-RV Park
Highway 101 on Coos Bay
Coos Bay, OR
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1. Start your journey from Portland, Oregon.
2. Take I:5 South towards Salem for approximately 45 miles.
3. Merge onto OR:22 W via Exit 253 toward Detroit Lake/Bend and continue driving for about 60 miles.
4. Keep left to stay on OR:22 W as you pass through the town of Mill City.
5. Continue on OR:22 W for another 30 miles until you reach Santiam Junction where it intersects with US Highway 20/26.

6a: If coming from Bend or Central Oregon:.
- From Santiam Junction, take a right turn onto US Highway 20 E /US Hwy

6b: If coming from Corvallis or Western Oregon:.
- From Santiam Junction, take a left turn onto US Highway

7a & b: In both cases above,.
- Follow the signs indicating "Santiam Pass" as you drive along this scenic highway that winds its way up into the Cascade Mountains.

8a & b: After around an hour's drive (approximately), look out for signage directing you to Yoakam Point State Natural Site which will appear shortly after passing Hoodoo Ski Area.

9. Turn off at this signpost and follow any additional directional markers leading specifically to Yoakam Point within the state natural site area itself.

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Oregon State Parks