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Zilpo Campground
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Zilpo Campground © LouisvilleUSACE / CC BY 2.0
Zilpo Campground © LouisvilleUSACE / CC BY 2.0
Zilpo Campground © Chris Breeze / CC BY 2.0
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Salt Lick, Kentucky   40371
(lat:38.0709 lon:-83.4915) map location
Zilpo, a large, fun-filled campground on Cave Run Lake, is a prime destination for families. The scenic campground offers a cabin rental, tent camping, RV sites with electric hookups and a selection of lakefront sites. Views of the lake are enjoyed by those who relax on the sandy beach. Tater Knob, a fire tower open to the public, is nearby, offering outstanding views of the area.
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Zilpo Campground is located near Morehead, West Liberty

1. Tater Knob Fire Tower Trail: This 2-mile round trip trail is a moderate hike that takes you to the historic fire tower, offering panoramic views of Cave Run Lake and surrounding forest.

2. Zilpo Nature Loop: An easy-to-moderate level hiking loop within the campground itself, this 0.75 mile long path winds through dense forests with occasional glimpses of wildlife like deer or squirrels.

3. Twin Knobs Scenic Area Trails: Located just outside Zilpo Campground on Forest Service Road #918 in Morehead district; it offers several trails ranging from one to four miles each featuring stunning lake vistas and diverse flora/fauna species.

4. Buckskin Trail System - A network of interconnected loops totaling about seven miles for hikers who prefer longer treks across varied terrain including ridges, valleys and streams near by Clear Creek Recreation area which is close proximity to Zilpo campgrounds

5- Sheltowee Trace National Recreational Trail - Section closest to the campground runs along Cave Run Lake's shoreline providing beautiful water sights while walking under canopy trees cover

6- Limestone Cove Hiking Pathway : It's an approximately two-and-a-half-mile-long pathway located at nearby Leatherwood Ford picnic area presenting limestone formations alongside creek beds as well as lush vegetation during spring season

7- Pioneer Weapons Wildlife Management Area Trails - These are series of short hikes (ranging between half a mile up till three miles) around wetlands habitat ideal for bird watching enthusiasts visiting Kentucky region.

8-Clearwater Branch Backcountry Byway- For those seeking solitude away from crowded camping sites can opt this six-mile route leading towards backwoods areas where primitive campsites could be found amidst serene nature settings

9-Pioneer Short Loop & Long Loop Tracks - Two separate tracks starting off same point but diverging midway into shorter (around five kilometers) versus lengthier versions (nearly eight kilometers) both offering scenic views of Cave Run Lake and surrounding Daniel Boone National Forest.

10- Zilpo Beach Trail - A short, easy trail that leads from the campground to a sandy beach on Cave Run Lake; perfect for families with young children or those looking for an easy stroll.

11-Lakeview Ridge Loop - This 3-mile loop offers stunning lake vistas along its path while traversing through dense forested areas providing ample opportunities spotting local wildlife species.

12-Cave run Storytelling Woodland Trails: These are series of interconnected trails featuring storyboards about native folklore legends adding unique cultural experience during hiking journey in Kentucky wilderness.

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Outpost RV Park & Campground
340 Cave Run Lake Road
Salt Lick, KY
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Zilpo Campground is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest near Cave Run Lake, Kentucky. Here are directions to reach this campground:

1. Starting from Lexington, KY: Head east on I-64 E for approximately 50 miles.
2. Take exit 123 toward Morehead/Flemingsburg and merge onto KY-32 E.
3. Continue on KY-32 E for about 8 miles until you reach a roundabout; take the second exit to stay on KY-32 E.
4. After another mile or so, turn left onto US Hwy 60 W/E Main St/Morehead Connector Rd (signs for Owingsville).
5. Follow US Hwy 60 W for around half a mile before turning right onto Cranston Road/KY Route1274 (you'll see signs indicating Cave Run Lake/Zilpo Recreation Area).
6.Continue straight ahead as the road becomes Zilpo Road after crossing over Triplett Creek Bridge.

You have now arrived at Zilpo Campground! Enjoy your camping experience surrounded by beautiful nature and recreational activities offered by Cave Run Lake.

Please note that these directions may vary depending on your starting location, so it's always recommended to use GPS navigation or online maps while traveling to ensure accuracy throughout your journey

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