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Bald Peak State Park
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Western Meadow Lark
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Bald Peak State Park   97123
(lat:45.3949 lon:-123.0553) map location
Bald Peak (1,629' elev.) is located where the worlds of high-tech and rural Oregon meet. Restaurants, shops, nightlife and a fast pace abound in nearby Hillsboro. Farms, wineries, fruit stands and a slower pace of life can be found in Newberg. Take a relaxing, scenic drive through the Chehalem hills from Hillsboro to Newberg. Along the way, stop at Bald Peak State Park, where you will experience a stunning view of the Willamette Valley and five snowcapped Cascade peaks on a clear day (Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Ranier and Mt. Adams in Washington, and Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson in Oregon).

There's a nice grassy hillside perfect for a picnic (there's no drinking water at the park, though). Afterward, go for a short stroll through a Douglas fir woodland.
History of the Area
Bald Peak State Park is located in Yamhill County, Oregon. The park sits atop Bald Peak, which is the highest point in the county at an elevation of 1,629 feet (497 meters). It offers panoramic views of the surrounding Willamette Valley and Cascade Range.

The history of Bald Peak State Park dates back to its acquisition by the state government. In 1933, a group called "Friends for Public Use" purchased approximately 26 acres on top of Bald Peak with donations from local residents who wanted to preserve it as public land. They then donated this parcel to Oregon's Highway Commission.

In subsequent years, additional parcels were acquired through purchases and donations until reaching its current size today-approximately 1 acre short of being a full section or square mile (640 acres).

Initially known as "Bald Mountain," it was officially designated as a state park in July 1940 under Governor Charles A. Sprague's administration. At that time, there were no developed facilities within the park; however recreational activities such as picnicking became popular among visitors due to its scenic beauty.

Over time, improvements have been made including picnic tables and shelters added during various development projects throughout decades past-including construction efforts undertaken by Civilian Conservation Corps crews between late-1930s into early-1940s era when they built many parks across America during Great Depression recovery period following stock market crash leading up World War II involvement United States military forces overseas theaters operations against Axis powers Germany Italy Japan etcetera...

Today,Bald peak remains primarily undeveloped but continues attracting outdoor enthusiasts seeking breathtaking vistas while enjoying hiking trails available onsite making ideal destination day trips weekend getaways nature lovers looking escape hustle bustle city life nearby Portland metropolitan area just over hour drive away depending traffic conditions along route taken reach summit where parking lot provides access trailhead network winding paths crisscrossing landscape offering opportunities explore diverse ecosystems found region Pacific Northwest including old-growth forests, meadows wildflowers blooming seasonally depending time year visited.

Bald Peak State Park has a rich history that began with local residents' efforts to preserve the land and eventually led to its designation as a state park. Today, it continues to be cherished for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities in Oregon's Yamhill County.

Bald Peak State Park is located near Beaverton, Cornelius and Forest Grove

Bald Peak State Park offers picnic tables with stunning views. No covered areas or grills are available for picnicking.
1. Summit Loop Trail: This is a 0.5-mile loop trail that offers panoramic views of the Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountains from Bald Peak's summit.

2. Mountain View Trail: A moderate, 3-mile round trip hike with stunning vistas of Mount Hood, Mount St Helens, and other peaks in the Cascades range.

3. Forest Pathway: An easy one mile walk through lush forests filled with Douglas fir trees; perfect for bird watching or quiet contemplation.

4. Wildflower Meadow Walk: During springtime this short half-a-mile stroll becomes an explosion of color as native wildflowers bloom across meadows on hill slopes offering breathtaking scenery to hikers.

5. Fern Gully Track: It's a two miles long track which takes you deep into fern-filled gullies where you can enjoy Oregon's rich biodiversity up close.

6. Sunset Ridge Hike: As its name suggests, it provides spectacular sunset views over rolling hillsides ; The path stretches about three miles.

7. Oak Savannah Exploration Route: This route covers around four miles showcasing unique oak savannah ecosystems prevalent within park boundaries.

8. Picnic Point Promenade: Just under a mile long, ideal for families looking out for picnic spots amidst nature while enjoying gentle walks.

9. Creekside Ramble: Approximately two-and-half-miles along serene creeks providing opportunities to spot local wildlife like deer or beavers.

10. Eagle Eye Lookout Trek: For those seeking adventure,this challenging five:miler leads uphill towards lookout points giving eagle-eye view over entire state park area.

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January 21
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May 1 Incredible scene of the valley below!
park review stars; one to five Good place to picnic in the summer
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Roamer's Rest RV Park LLC
17585 SW Pacific Highway
Tualatin, OR
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1. Start by heading west on US:26 W towards Hillsboro.
2. Continue on US:26 W for approximately 15 miles until you reach the exit for OR-219 S/Newberg/Bellevue.
3. Take the exit and merge onto OR:219 S toward Newberg/St Paul.
4. Stay on OR:219 S for about 10 miles until you reach a roundabout near St Paul.

5a: If coming from McMinnville or Dundee:.
- At the roundabout, take the second exit to stay on OR-219 S/Champoeg Rd NE (signs will indicate Bald Peak State Park).
- Follow this road southbound for around 7 miles.

5b: If coming from Sherwood or Wilsonville:.
- At the roundabout, take Champoeg Road NE/OR-E99W eastbound (third exit) towards Butteville/Saint Louis/Oregon City/Molalla
- After driving approximately half a mile turn right onto McKay Road Northeast
- Drive straight ahead through another small intersection with River Bend RD N.E., then continue along Mckay rd northeast which becomes Laurelwood Rd after crossing over French Prairie Bridge
Keep following laurel wood road till it intersects with bald peak mountain

6. Once at Bald Peak Mountain keep going up hill where u can find parking lot.

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