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Willamette Valley Region
Champoeg State Heritage Area
Champoeg State Heritage Area © John Atherton / CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Photo taken in the summer of 1974
Champoeg State Heritage Area © M.O. Stevens / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Museum at Champoeg State Park in Oregon, USA.
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Saint Paul, Oregon   97137
(lat:45.2483 lon:-122.8942) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Reservations: 503-678-1251
Situated on the south bank of the scenic Willamette River, Champoeg's acres of forest, fields, and wetlands recreate the landscape of a bygone era. Tour the park's visitor center, Newell House, and Pioneer Mothers Log Cabin museums to discover pioneer life at Champoeg. Take a guided walk to learn what happened to the bustling pioneer town of Champoeg, and how the Donald Manson Barn was built (download the park's day recreation brochure - 1.3 MB); requires Acrobat). An 1860s-style garden lies next to the visitor center.

The park also includes the Butteville General Store, which was founded by French Canadian Francis Xavier Matthieu, who played an important role in establishing the Provisional Government of Oregon at the historic Champoeg meeting of May 2, 1843. The Butteville General Store sells Italian sodas and lemonade, and rents bikes. Call (503) 678-1605 for information.
History of the Area
The area's history dates back to 1805 when it served as an important trading and meeting place for French Canadian trappers.

In the mid-nineteenth century, American pioneers began settling here due to its fertile soil and proximity to waterways. On May 2nd, 1843 at what is now called 'the birthplace of Oregon', settlers held a historic vote that led towards establishing provisional government laws under United States jurisdiction over British rule; essentially paving way for creation of present-day State Of Oregon.

However, disaster struck on December 2nd ,1861 when Willamette River flooded wiping out entire settlement leaving only Newell House & Pioneer Mothers Memorial Cabin standing today which are part of museum complex showcasing life during those times.

The location became recognized by National Park Service's National Trails System in late twentieth-century because it lies along two national historic trails: Lewis And Clark Trail & Applegate Trail.

Today visitors can explore various attractions including visitor center with exhibits about Kalapuya Indians who originally inhabited region before European contact or take guided walks through nature trail system spotting wildlife like deer or beavers while learning more about local flora/fauna from interpretive signs scattered throughout parkland.

Despite facing many challenges since inception - natural disasters such as floods/fire plus human-induced changes like urban development/agricultural expansion - this heritage area continues preserving unique cultural/natural resources offering educational/recreational opportunities benefiting future generations too!
Day-UseSwimming Beachyes
 Electric Sitesyes
 Water/Electric Sitesyes
 Full Hookup Sitesyes
1. Champoeg State Park Campground: This campground offers a variety of camping options including RV sites, tent campsites, and yurts for rent. The park also has amenities such as restrooms with hot showers and flush toilets.

2. Riverside Day-use Area: While not technically a campsite, this area is perfect for picnics or day trips where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings without staying overnight.

3. Group Tent Camping Areas: These are ideal if you're traveling in large groups or hosting events like family reunions or company retreats.

4. Cabins & Yurts at Champoeg State Heritage Area: There are several cabins available to rent that offer more comfort than traditional tents but still allow guests to experience nature up close.

5. The Historic Butteville Store Bed & Breakfast: Located just outside the state heritage area itself but it's an option worth considering especially if your idea of 'camping' leans towards comfortable beds and home-cooked meals!

6. Bike-in Sites: For those who prefer cycling tours over driving around in cars/RVs there's bike-only access areas within the park too!

1. Townsite Loop: This 2-mile trail is perfect for a leisurely stroll, taking you through the historic town of Champoeg and offering views of various historical markers.

2. Riverside Trail: A scenic route that runs along the Willamette River, this 3-mile path offers beautiful river vistas and opportunities to spot local wildlife like deer or beavers.

3. Oak Grove Day Use Area Trails: These interconnected trails wind their way around picnic areas and open fields in an oak savannah setting with interpretive signs about native plants throughout.

4. Birding Trail: As its name suggests, this short but sweet half mile loop provides ample opportunity for bird watching amidst lush vegetation near wetlands area within park boundaries.

5. Disc Golf Course Pathway: While primarily used by disc golfers playing on the course's nine holes, these paths also serve as hiking routes providing access to less-visited parts of Champoeg State Heritage Area.

6. Barclay House-to-Dock Trail: Starting at Barclay house museum,this easy quarter mile walk leads down towards dock where one can enjoy fishing or simply relax enjoying riverside view.

7. Museum Building - Visitor Center Walkway: Short paved pathway connecting two main buildings while passing through manicured lawns & flower beds.

8. Nature Play Area Paths: Small networked pathways surrounding children's play area which are ideal for families looking out for safe outdoor activities.

9. Campground Loops: Multiple small loops running inside campground suitable both day visitors exploring different camping sites & camp residents seeking quick walks nearby.

10. Pioneer Mothers Memorial Cabin Museum Access Road: Though technically not a designated walking trail, many hikers use it due to its direct connection between cabin museum site & parking lot.
Nature Programs
Champoeg Promise: An interactive living history program bringing Champoeg history to life for school children grades 1 through 8. Now accepting reservations for programs running from March to mid-June. For more information on this exciting program at Champoeg, call the Friends of Historic Champoeg at (503) 678-1649.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
May 30
park review stars; one to five
July 12 7th grade by loriand tina
park review stars; one to five champoeg park crest of the wave one week outing Tina and I went for a walk on the bike trail we went down to a weedy area and we found an old horse drawn rake the park ranger said that they would put it in the museum and put our names on the tag this year will be the first time Tina and I will be going back and see the rake ourselves after 28 years
November 6 1849 oregon trail wagon group, robbins by Nancy Kathleen (Wadman) Acord
park review stars; one to five In the summer the Robbins family have a reunion and picknic, this is for the relatives of the oregon trail group from 1848-49 etc, need the date if reservations have been made
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Area Campgrounds
RV Park of Portland
6645 SW Nyberg Lane
Tualatin, OR
Roamer's Rest RV Park LLC
17585 SW Pacific Highway
Tualatin, OR
Nearby Hotels

1. Start by heading south on I:5 if you're coming from Portland or north if you're traveling from Salem.
2. Take exit 278 for Donald/Aurora towards OR:551 N/Hubbard/Dundee.
3. Merge onto Ehlen Rd NE and continue straight onto Champoeg Rd NE.
4. Follow Champoeg Rd NE for about 6 miles until you reach the entrance of Champoeg State Heritage Area.

Alternatively, if you prefer a scenic route through countryside roads:
1. From downtown Newberg, head west on E Hancock St toward S College St.
2. Continue straight as it turns into Wilsonville:Newberg Hwy/Old Parrett Mountain Road/Newberg-Sherwood Road SW (follow signs for Sherwood).
3. Turn right onto Scholls Ferry Road NW after approximately 7 miles.
4. After another mile turn left at Roy Rogers road then take an immediate right back onto Scholls Ferry road which will become River rd when crossing over Tualatin river bridge.
5. Follow this winding country road along Willamette Valley vineyards till reaching Butteville where one can see historic buildings dating back to early settlers time period including The Old Aurora Colony Museum before continuing down Main Street past Pudding River Wine Cellars & tasting room.
6. Eventually arriving at intersection with Boonesferry rd SE just prior entering town of Saint Paul,turn Left following sign pointing way To French Prairie Gardens /Butteville Store.
7. Proceed Northward passing farm fields eventually turning Right off main roadway leading directly into park area.

Once inside the heritage area's grounds:
8. Park your vehicle in designated parking areas near visitor center or campground depending upon preference.
9. Enjoy exploring various historical sites such as Pioneer Mothers Memorial Cabin or Robert Moore House while taking advantage of recreational activities like hiking, picnicking or biking along the Willamette River.
10. When you're ready to leave, simply retrace your steps back to the main road and follow it until you reach your desired destination.

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Oregon State Parks