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Maud Williamson State Park
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Maud Williamson occupies a flat edge of cultivated Willamette Valley farm land on the west side of the Salem-Dayton highway. It's covered by a fine stand of second-growth Douglas fir. The park also includes a historic farm house once occupied by the person who donated the property as a park.

The park provides a covered picnic shelter which can be reserved for group picnics. Volleyball and horseshoes are available at this site. Large Douglas fir trees tower overhead providing excellent wildflower viewing in the early spring. Trilliums are abundant here.
History of the Area
Located in Yamhill County, Oregon, the park named after Maud Williamson is a popular recreational area today. The history of this state park dates back to 1935 when it was donated by its namesake - Maud Babler Williamson.

Maud B. Williamson worked as an executive secretary for Louis J. Wilde (a prominent businessman and former mayor of San Diego) who owned vast tracts of land across several states including Oregon where he had acquired around 7,000 acres during World War I era timber speculation boom.

Upon his death in 1924, much of his estate went into litigation but eventually some parts were inherited by Ms.Williamson due to her long service with him which included managing these properties on behalf of Mr.Wilde's company 'The American Way'.

In March 1935 she gifted about two dozen acres from one such property located near Hopewell village along Highway-221 towards establishing a public recreation site under State Parks system; thus marking the inception point for what we know now as that particular state park bearing her name.

Maud Williamson State Park is located near Dallas, Mcminnville and Newberg

Maud Williamson State Park offers picnic tables and a covered shelter, perfect for family gatherings or quiet outdoor meals.
1. Maud Williamson Nature Trail: This is a short, easy loop trail that takes you through the park's lush forest and picnic area.

2. Big Fir Loop: A 0.5-mile long hiking path perfect for beginners or families with children; it features large Douglas fir trees along its route.

3. Oak Grove Pathway: An accessible pathway leading to an old oak grove in the heart of the park, offering beautiful views especially during fall when leaves change color.

4. Creek Side Walkway: Follows alongside Mill Creek providing hikers with serene water views and opportunities to spot local wildlife such as beavers and ducks.

5. Cedar Tree Trail: It's a slightly challenging uphill hike taking visitors past some impressive cedar tree specimens within this state park.

6. Picnic Area Trails: These are several small trails branching off from main paths towards various secluded picnic spots scattered throughout Maud Williamson State Park.

7. Wildflower Meadow Route: Best visited in springtime where wildflowers bloom abundantly across meadows making up part of this scenic walking track.

8. Birdwatcher's Delight Track: As name suggests,this trail offers excellent bird watching opportunities due to diverse avian species inhabiting surrounding woodlands.

9. Historic Homestead Hike: Takes one around remnants of original homesteader cabins dating back over century ago giving glimpse into region's history.

10. Mill Pond Viewpoint Spur: Short detour leads hikers onto raised platform overlooking tranquil mill pond teeming with aquatic life.

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1. Start by heading onto Interstate 5 (I:5) if you are coming from outside of Salem.
2. Take exit 253 for OR:22 E toward Detroit Lake/Bend and merge onto OR-22 E/State St.
3. Continue on this road for approximately 20 miles until you reach Stayton.
4. In Stayton, turn right onto N Santiam Hwy SE/OR:214 S and continue to follow it southbound for about 15 miles.
5. Next, take a slight left to stay on OR:214 S/SW Sublimity Blvd towards Silver Falls/Mt Angel/St Paul after passing through Sublimity town center.
6. Continue driving along SW Sublimity Blvd/OR:213S/Oregon Pacific Highway South which will lead you into Aumsville city limits.
7. Turn Right at Mill Creek Rd SE /OR:211N.
8. Follow signs directing traffic Left or Northward as needed when approaching junctions with other roads such as Shaw Road Southeast.
9. After crossing over bridge spanning Thomas Creek, Turn Left at Bates Rd Se.
10. Drive straight ahead past intersection where Bates becomes Meridian Drive se . Follow curve around bend then proceed Straight Ahead again.
11. Meridian Dr Se curves slightly before intersecting Howell Prairie rd Ne ; Proceed Straight Through Intersection Onto Macleay rd se.
12. Proceed East On MacLeay RD For Approximately One Mile Until You Reach The Entrance Of Maud Williamson State Recreation Site Which Will Be Located On Your Right Hand Side Just Before Bridge Spanning Over Abiqua creek.

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Oregon State Parks