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Willamette Valley Region
Willamette Mission State Park
Willamette Mission State Park © trekkyandy / CC BY-SA 2.0
Willamette Mission State Park © trekkyandy / CC BY-SA 2.0
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Gervais, Oregon   97026
(lat:45.0803 lon:-123.0547) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Toll Free: 800-551-6949
Reservations: 800-452-5687
Willamette Mission is one of the most significant and beautiful historic sites in the Willamette Valley. The park occupies land where the first mission for American Indians was founded in 1834 by the Reverend Jason Lee. Members of the Methodist Mission were later active in the formation of Oregon government. A monument is located in the park providing information on this settlement. The original mission buildings are represented by framed outlines called ghost structures. A landing for the Wheatland Ferry -- the first to carry the covered wagon across the Willamette River in 1844 -- is in the park.

The park offers many daytime opportunities for boaters, anglers and other users. Some of Willamette Mission?s 1,680 acres hold filbert and walnut orchards. The nation's largest black cottonwood is in the park (it?s older than the U.S. -- it's been around for over 250 years). There are grassy meadows surrounded by an array of flowers, plants, and trees. For those that enjoy water, there?s Mission Lake and the Willamette River.

Willamette Mission State Park is perfect for your next picnic! The excellent picnic facilities are reservable for large groups. There are picnic shelters, electricity, restrooms, water faucets, picnic tables, fire rings, sunny areas and trees for shade, plus ample room for parking. You can even rent a large, 4' x 3' charcoal briquet barbecue at the park.

The park also has areas set aside for volleyball, horse shoes, softball and soccer. Horse camp facilities include four sites (two pull through). Sites can accommodate up to two camping units and four pack animals (reserve by calling 1-800-452-5687). Eight miles of trails run along the Willamette River, with an incredible amount of native birds, plants and wildlife [there's even a self-guided interpretive trail through our riparian education project].

The park staff love a challenge! Plan on Willamette Mission as a part of your corporate picnic or other group activity.
History of the Area
Located in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley, this 1,680-acre park is steeped in history. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as Kalapuya and Molalla before European settlers arrived.

In 1834, Methodist missionaries led by Jason Lee established a mission on these grounds to convert local indigenous people to Christianity. This became one of the first organized Euro-American settlements within what would later become known as Oregon state.

The original site chosen for the mission proved unsuitable due to frequent flooding from nearby rivers; hence it was moved twice over subsequent years until finally settling at its current location near Salem around 1840-41. However, despite their efforts and some initial success with conversions among native populations - including several high-profile baptisms - overall results were disappointing leading eventually towards closure of the Mission station in late 1843.

Afterwards various owners used land primarily for farming purposes throughout rest part nineteenth century into early twentieth century when State acquired property during Great Depression era under auspices Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). They began developing recreational facilities which included picnic areas along riverfronts plus trails through surrounding woodlands while preserving historical aspects like remnants old buildings or orchards planted earlier pioneers still bearing fruit today!
The park offers a variety of boating options for visitors. There is an opportunity to launch boats from the Wheatland Ferry Landing, which provides access to Willamette River. However, there are no boat ramps within the park itself and motorized watercrafts aren't allowed on Mission Lake due to its status as a wildlife refuge area. Canoeing or kayaking can be enjoyed in this lake instead.
Enjoy fishing in the Willamette River, teeming with Chinook salmon and steelhead. The park also offers boat launch facilities.

Willamette Mission State Park is located near Dallas, Mcminnville and Newberg

Willamette Mission State Park offers picnic tables, grills and a covered pavilion for picnicking. Restrooms are also available nearby.
1. Ghost Structure Loop: This 3-mile trail is perfect for beginners, offering a flat terrain and scenic views of the park's ghost structures.

2. Filbert Grove Trail: A short half mile loop that takes you through an enchanting grove of filbert trees with plenty of picnic spots along the way.

3. Mission Lake Loop: An easy to moderate level hike around Mission Lake covering about 4 miles; offers beautiful lake views and bird-watching opportunities.

4. Poplar Tree Pathway: Approximately one mile long, this pathway winds its way through towering poplars planted in rows - ideal for leisurely walks or bike rides.

5. Wheatland Ferry Road Hike: About two miles round trip on mostly paved paths leading towards Willamette River where hikers can enjoy riverfront vistas.

6. Willow Island Paddle Route: Although not strictly a hiking path, it's worth mentioning as visitors can paddle their canoe or kayak around Willow island while enjoying wildlife sightings including beavers and waterfowl.

7. Nature Area Trails: These are several interconnected trails within designated nature areas providing immersive experiences into diverse habitats like wetlands, oak savannas etc.,.

8. Horse Riding Paths: There are specific horse riding routes available throughout the park which also double up as walking/hiking trails when not being used by equestrians.

9. Bicycle Routes: The Park has dedicated bicycle lanes running parallel to many popular hiking tracks allowing cyclists to explore different parts without disturbing walkers /hikers.

10. Accessible Trails: Several sections across various hikes have been made accessible ensuring everyone regardless physical abilities gets chance experience natural beauty offered by Willamette mission state park.
Biking is allowed on the park's paved paths and trails. Be aware, some areas can be muddy after rain.

The 1-mile Filbert Grove Loop offers a gentle ride suitable for families with children or beginners.

For more experienced riders, there are several miles of multi-use trails to explore. Stay alert for other users.

Riding off designated tracks isn't permitted in order to protect local wildlife habitats and plant species from damage.

Remember that helmets are required by law when biking; ensure safety gear fits properly before setting out on your journey.

Always check trail conditions prior to visiting as they may vary depending upon weather events such as heavy rainfall or windstorms.

Lastly, please respect all posted signs regarding bike restrictions - these measures help preserve this beautiful natural area for future visitors!
Birdwatchers can enjoy spotting a variety of species, including waterfowl and raptors. The park's diverse habitats attract many birds year-round. Birding is popular along the trails and near the wetlands area. A bird checklist is available for enthusiasts to track their sightings.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
May 27 Splended park for picincs by Cayenne
park review stars; one to five I have been there to camp before. It is a find for sure.
October 5 Lots to do!
park review stars; one to five We went in the Fall and it was warm and wonderful... skipping rocks, hiking, cracking open filberts, eating blackberries... we would go back!
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1. Start by heading south on I:5 S.
2. Continue driving for approximately 10 miles and take exit 263 toward Brooks/Gervais.
3. Merge onto Brooklake Rd NE and drive for about half a mile.
4. At the roundabout, take the second exit to stay on Brooklake Rd NE.
5. Drive straight for another half a mile until you reach River Road N (Highway 219).
6 Turn left onto River Road N (Highway 219) and continue driving northbound.

You will soon see signs directing you to Willamette Mission State Park entrance:
7a: If coming from Salem or Woodburn direction - After around six miles of driving along Highway 219 North/River Road N., turn right into Wheatland Ferry/Butteville Store/Wheatland Market area just before crossing over French Prairie Bridge/Ferry Slip road intersection at Butteville store corner; then proceed westward towards park's main entrance gate which should be visible ahead after passing through small residential neighborhood section near riverbank areas;.
7b: If coming from Newberg/McMinnville/Dundee/Yamhill County wine country region via Dayton route - Follow OR-221 South/SW Pacific Hwy W till reaching junction with Highway US99E/Northwest Ehlen Avenue where one needs make sharp right-turning movement so as head eastwards down Northwest Ehlen Ave itself becoming Northeast Main Street within city limits while continuing onwards past various commercial establishments including grocery stores such Safeway etc.; eventually turning left again when encountering stop sign indicating need go back across bridge spanning Yamhill River thereby entering Lafayette town proper; thereafter proceeding further southeastwards following signage pointing out way leading directly up alongside railroad tracks paralleling Amity-Dayton highway segment known locally simply "Old 99W" until reaching intersection where one should turn right onto River Road N (Highway 219) heading southwards towards park entrance.

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