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McGee Creek State Park
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5798 S McGee Creek Lake Road
Atoka, Oklahoma   74525
(lat:34.3299 lon:-95.8615) map location

Phone: 580-889-5822
Perched on the southwest edge of the Ouachita Mountain Range. McGee Creek State Park offers an abundance of recreational opportunities from water activities, camping and hiking to fishing and hunting in the adjacent McGee Creek Wildlife Management Area. This peaceful park is the perfect place to stay and fish the McGee Creek Reservoir, one of Oklahoma's finest trophy lakes. Fishermen will find an abundance of large and smallmouth bass, channel catfish, perch, crappie and sunfish.

Visitors to McGee Creek State Park will enjoy an abundance of water recreation along 64 miles of shoreline, with the lower part of the reservoir cleared for the use of water skiers, boaters and fishermen. The dense forest surrounding the reservoir provides scenic enjoyment and excellent hunting opportunities. In the adjacent McGee Creek Wildlife Management Area, hunters and hikers will enjoy over 10,000-acres of wildlife diversity, including crow, deer, dove, quail, rabbit, squirrel, turkey, waterfowl and more.
History of the Area
Located in southeastern Oklahoma, the park was established in 1986. It spans over 2,600 acres of land and water bodies. The area is known for its rugged terrain with scenic trails ideal for hiking and horseback riding.

The name originates from McGee Creek which runs through it; a reservoir within also shares this moniker. This body of water provides opportunities for fishing and boating activities.

In addition to outdoor recreation facilities, there are accommodations like cabins available on-site as well as camping grounds.

Over time, conservation efforts have been implemented to preserve local flora/fauna making it an ecological haven today.

McGee Creek State Park is located near Atoka

Horse Area
Bring your horse and enjoy equestrian and hiking trails ranging from 1-20 miles in length.
The park features 15 picnic sites and gift shop at the office where guests can purchase firewood and other items.
1. McGee Creek Nature Trail: This is a 3-mile trail that offers scenic views of the park's natural beauty, including its forested areas and creek.

2. South Rim Loop: A challenging hike spanning approximately 20 miles, this loop takes hikers through diverse terrain with panoramic vistas across the lake.

3. North Rim Loop: Similar to its southern counterpart but slightly shorter at around 18 miles long; it provides equally stunning views over different parts of the park.

4. Little Bugaboo Run Hiking Trail: At just under two miles in length, this relatively easy path winds along creekside scenery and lush greenery ideal for families or beginner hikers.

5. Buggy Whip Equestrian Campground Trails: These trails are specifically designed for horseback riding but can also be used by walkers; they cover about five square acres within dense woods near an equestrian campsite area.

6. Potapo Hill Backpacking Area Trails: For more experienced adventurers seeking multi-day hikes these interconnected paths span roughly ten-miles throughout rugged backcountry landscapes featuring steep inclines and declines as well as remote camping spots.

7. Boulder Ridge Mountain Bike Pathway: While primarily intended for mountain biking use, this six mile pathway can still provide a vigorous hiking experience due to its varied elevation changes amidst rocky outcrops.

8. Nature Center Walking Paths: Shorter than most other routes (less than one mile), these paved pathways offer educational opportunities regarding local flora & fauna while meandering past several picnic sites close to visitor center facilities.

9. Wildcat Springs Primitive Camping Route: Although not strictly defined as 'trail', those venturing towards Wildcat springs will encounter rough terrains stretching three-quarters of a mile from main roadways leading up into secluded woodland campsites.

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