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Osage Hills State Park Raccoon © Becki Sheets-Klinger
A raccoon foraging in the stream near the Creek Loop Trail.
Beavers Bend State Park Fall Colors © Andrea Short
Fall Colors along the river at Beavers Bend State Park, Oklahoma
Foss State Park The Sunrise Tree © Lorenz Larry Klug
a tree at sunrise along a path in Foss SP
Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Ridge line trail © Edward A Coats
Trail from 40 hole to French Lake
Roman Nose State Park Springs Area Sept. 30, 2017 © James McCain
Water flowing from the main Spring waterfall
Picnic Table ©
It is always a great day for a picnic in the park.
Afternoon Hike ©
Spring Hike ©
Oh Yell ©
Keep On Leash ©
Campfire and Hotdogs ©
Roasting hot dogs over an open fire.
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The park is home to some great sport fishing, with trophy sized specimens representing such popular game fish species as bluegill, catfish, bass and spoonbill. The park is also the home of a well stocked fishing...more
Area residents have long known about this great destination, and many others are discovering this hidden gem in Talihina, Oklahoma....more
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 • 2 National Recreation Areas

13 Metro and City Parkss
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Oklahoma Parks Visitor Reviews
7/10/2023 3:51:27 PM Quartz Mountain State Park by Don_H
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Not Happy about the parking situation - impossible to get service, so what we usually do is pay on our way out, well this time my wife got a $20 ticket for taking the kids swimming. Stop being lazy and come up with a better system. There should also be more signs posted. Is there a way I can just pay when I get there instead of having to log in or text
3/3/2023 10:25:52 PM Beavers Bend State Park by Tammy_J_R
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Memories - My family have come here since july 1971. At this time I was 2years old. My parents had there honeymoon here every july 23rd they returned with family to celebrate there lifes. My parents are in heaven now I havent been able to reserve that date again in there passing. My mom made them bookings a year in advanced for over 45years. Sure wished I could get that date back. This year I will be going August 11 which was the closes date aviable to july 23rd.
2/6/2023 3:09:22 AM Beavers Bend State Park by Heidi_S
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Beavers Bend -
12/5/2022 7:03:02 PM Lake Murray by Mary_A
review rating - 1 to 5 stars -
11/5/2022 10:17:32 PM Talimena State Park by Min_H
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Lost without a trail - Do not take Military Trail. It got us lost. Had to hike straight up a precarious hill. Called 911. They said we were close to the highway. We climbed through a barbed wire fence and finally found the road. But we were far away from our car parked at the state park lot. Not a good experience. But is was pretty.
11/5/2022 5:56:05 PM Hugo Lake by Jackie_M
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Hugo lake cabins -
10/14/2022 5:26:53 PM Great Plains State Park by Kevin_M
review rating - 1 to 5 stars -
9/10/2022 5:12:38 PM Roman Nose State Park by Russell_B
review rating - 1 to 5 stars -
8/19/2022 8:11:53 PM Parkavinaw State Park by Cindy_N
review rating - 1 to 5 stars -
7/30/2022 5:49:42 PM Salt Plains State Park by Joel_S
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Great State Park Visit - We had a great weekend family trip at this park. It was extremely hot, but we still enjoyed this place and all it had to offer and we will be back. Digging for crystals was a great experience and we found plenty. Melissa Robell, a local Ranger, stopped by and provided much information to us. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. It is an amazing place
6/25/2022 12:48:50 AM Arrowhead State Park by Frances_D_
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Majestic Park - Majestic Park Its a great Park with great staff and it is greatly maintained , lots of beautiful wildlife very pretty sunsets .
5/8/2022 7:50:20 PM Talimena State Park by John_H
review rating - 1 to 5 stars -
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Oklahoma State Parks