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Northwest Ohio Region
Oak Point State Park
Oak Point State Park © daveynin / CC BY 2.0
Oak Point State Park © daveynin / CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Oak Point State Park Put-In-Bay, South Bass Island, Ohio
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Bayview Avenue
Put-in-Bay, Ohio   43456
(lat:41.6565 lon:-82.826) map location
Located on South Bass Island, Oak Point State Park is just 1.5 acres and close to Put-In-Bay. It offers amenities for boaters, anglers, and lake watchers. It's also just a short walk to Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial. Restrooms and seasonal boat docks provide a respite for boaters, and a shelterhouse with lake views offers a place to picnic and relax.
Nature of the Area
South Bass Island is dotted with collapsed caverns, which formed from the unique combination of the islands layered dolomite bedrock, and the ever present lake water. Perrys Cave is one of the few that has remained with its roof intact, and one of the largest, at 200 feet long and 165 feet wide. The cave is more than 50 feet below the land surface. A rare underground lake deep within the cave rises and falls with the lake level.
History of the Area
Prior to the late 1700s, the Lake Erie Island region had been occupied by Ottawa and Huron Wyandot Indian tribes. After the Revolutionary War, the land was granted to the former colonies, and land development companies. However, the native Americans had not given up their own claims to these lands, resulting in ongoing conflicts with settlers. The British also remained in the area, harassing American ships, and encouraging the Indian resistance.

In 1807, John Pierpont Edwards of the Connecticut Land Company, was granted ownership of the Bass islands. Edwards deeded the islands to his son, John Stark Edwards, settled on South Bass Island in 1811, and successfully cleared 100 acres and raised a crop of wheat within the first year. In June 1812, the U.S. declared war against Great Britain. Later that summer, the British recaptured their Revolutionary War stronghold, Fort Detroit, and ramped up the conflict. The Lake Erie Islands were evacuated.

Put-in-Bay became a tourist destination by the 1870s, and a number of small hotels were established near the bay. In 1889, promoter J.K. Tillotson began construction of a grand summer resort, the Hotel Victory, on the other side of the island near Stones Cove the site of todays South Bass Island State Park. When it opened in June 1892, Victory Hotel was the largest hotel in the world.
Ohio does not have an annual pass and does not charge entrance fees to state parks.
Nearby Accommodations
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Camp Patmos - Kelleys Island, OH
Conference Center
Week long youth camps. Located on the shores of Kelleys Island. Guests will learn to sail, wakeboard, waterski while enjoying the beauty of the Lake Erie island.
7.3 miles from park*
Oak Point State Park in Ohio offers a variety of fishing options for both novice and experienced anglers. The park is home to Lake Erie, one of the largest freshwater lakes in America, providing ample opportunities for shoreline or boat fishing.

The lake teems with various species such as walleye, yellow perch, smallmouth bass and steelhead trout which are popular catches among visitors. Fishing enthusiasts can also try their luck at catching salmon during certain seasons.

For those who prefer inland water bodies over open waters like Lake Erie's vast expanse; there are several ponds within Oak Point State Park that offer excellent panfish action including bluegill and crappie.

Boat ramps provide easy access into the lake while pier facilities allow shore-based angling activities. Ice-fishing is another option available during winter months when conditions permit safe ice formation on the lake surface.

Fishing licenses from Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife are required before you cast your line out here though it's worth noting children under 16 years old do not need a license to fish in this state park.

In addition to these amenities provided by ODNR itself; local bait shops around Port Clinton area sell live baits along with other necessary gear needed if you didn't bring yours along making sure all needs related towards successful day spent casting lines get met conveniently nearby!

1. Picnic Areas: Oak Point State Park offers several picnic areas equipped with tables and grills, perfect for a family outing or group gathering.

2. Shelter Houses: For larger gatherings or events, the park has shelter houses available that can be reserved in advance. These shelters provide cover from sun and rain while still allowing you to enjoy the natural surroundings.

3. Beachside Picnics: The park's beach area is another great spot for picnicking where visitors can relax by Lake Erie after their meal.

4. Fishing & Boating Area Picnic Spots: If your day involves fishing or boating activities on Lake Erie, there are designated spots near these facilities ideal for setting up a picnic lunch break during your adventure-filled day.

5. Hiking Trail Stops: There are numerous hiking trails throughout Oak Point State Park which have rest stops along them - an excellent place to stop off and refuel with some packed snacks before continuing on your journey through nature's beauty.

6. Wildlife Viewing Sites: Enjoying a quiet outdoor meal at one of many wildlife viewing sites scattered across this state park could offer not only relaxation but also entertainment as various species come into view within their natural habitat.

7. Camping Grounds: Those planning overnight stays might consider having campfire cookouts right at their camping site - adding more fun elements like marshmallow roasting under starry skies!

8. Near Playgrounds/Recreation Fields : Families may choose to set up picnics closeby playgrounds/recreational fields so children can play freely post:mealtime without straying too far away from watchful eyes!
1. Lake Erie Shoreline Trail: A breathtaking trail that hugs the shoreline of beautiful Lake Erie, offering stunning views of its sparkling waters and diverse bird species like bald eagles and herons.

2. Arrowhead Loop Trail: An adventurous 3-mile loop through dense hardwood forests with occasional sightings of white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, or red foxes amidst a symphony of chirping birds.

3. Wetland Exploration Pathway: This boardwalk pathway takes you deep into Oak Point's wetlands where turtles bask in sunlight on logs while frogs croak melodiously from hidden corners; an ideal spot for nature photography enthusiasts.

4. Lighthouse Overlook Track: Leading to Ohio's oldest lighthouse standing tall since 1822 - this track offers panoramic vistas over Sandusky Bay as well as glimpses into maritime history along interpretive signs lining the path.

5. Prairie Grass Passage Way: Wander through fields ablaze with colorful prairie flowers swaying gently under clear blue skies - butterflies fluttering around add charm to your serene walk here.

6. Fishing Pier Walkway: Stroll down this wooden pier extending out onto tranquil lake waters teeming with bass & walleye fish- perfect place for fishing aficionados or those seeking quiet contemplation at sunset hours.

7. Picnic Grove Circuit: Ideal family-friendly route winding past picnic spots equipped with grills & tables nestled beneath towering oak trees providing ample shade during summer months.

8. Campground Connector Trails: These trails link various campgrounds within park boundaries allowing easy access between tent sites, RV hookups , restrooms facilities etc., making camping experience more convenient.

9. Winter Sports Route (seasonal): During winter season when snow blankets entire landscape turning it magical ; these routes are groomed specifically cross:country skiing /snowshoeing adventures against backdrop frosted forest scenery.

10. Dune Ridge Hiking Trail: A challenging trail that takes you up and down the park's sand dunes, offering a unique hiking experience with panoramic views of Lake Erie from atop..

11. Birdwatcher's Path: This secluded path is frequented by bird enthusiasts for spotting migratory birds like warblers or waterfowl species during different seasons - binoculars are must-haves here.

12. Historic Monarch Butterfly Waystation Route: Walk along this route to witness hundreds of monarch butterflies resting & feeding on milkweed plants as part their annual migration journey; an awe:inspiring sight indeed!
Things To Do in the Area
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Camp Patmos - Kelleys Island, OH
Family Outting
Week long youth camps. Located on the shores of Kelleys Island. Guests will learn to sail, wakeboard, waterski while enjoying the beauty of the Lake Erie island.
7.3 miles from park*

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Enjoy Southeast Michigan's Best Family Camping experience at our clean, quiet, friendly campground. Jumping Pillow, WiFi, Paddle Boats, Minigolf, Swimming, Bicycling and more
61.1 miles from park*
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Privately operated ferries offer frequent daily service for cars, bicyclists and pedestrians from the mainland at Catawba, Put-In-Bay and Sandusky. Golf carts and bicycles are available for rent from private vendors. The Lake Erie Shores and Islands Welcome Center is an excellent source for travel options and ideas.

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