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Pilot Butte State Park
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Come and explore an old cinder cone located just east of Bend. Hike up and around on one of three trails. The trails wind through stands of juniper and sage. All of the trails lead to the summit. Once at the top, get ready for a grand panoramic view of the high desert.

To the west at sunset, the glow of snowcapped Cascade mountains put on a spectacular show. Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, Black Butte and Mt. Hood are some of the highlights. Bring something to quench your thirst after the climb; there's no drinking water at the park.
History of the Area
Located in Bend, Oregon, this unique natural landmark is a dormant volcano that has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Oregon. The history of Pilot Butte dates back to millions of years ago when it was formed as part of the volcanic activity associated with Newberry Volcano.

The name "Pilot Butte" itself came from its use by pioneers and travelers who used it as a navigational point while crossing through central Oregon during westward expansion periods. It served like an ancient GPS system for those traveling across unfamiliar terrains.

In 1927, Deschutes County purchased land around Pilot Butte making way for public access to this geological wonder. Later on July 23rd, 1928; Governor I.L Patterson dedicated these lands officially marking them under state protection which led to their development into recreational areas over time.

During World War II between1942-1944,the butte's summit was utilized by Aircraft Warning Service volunteers who kept watchful eyes out for enemy aircrafts approaching American soil via Pacific routes.The lookout station built at top still stands today serving visitors panoramic views stretching far beyond city limits

Over decades since then,this site evolved gradually adding amenities such hiking trails, picnic spots, a scenic drive up leading right upto summit etc.,making it more accessible & enjoyable destination. In fact, it's only place within Bend city limits where fireworks are legally allowed every Fourth Of July drawing large crowds annually.

Pilot Butte State Park is located near Bend, La Pine and Redmond

Pilot Butte State Park offers picnic tables with stunning views. No covered areas or grills are available for use.
While biking is not permitted on the summit trail, cyclists can enjoy a scenic ride along the park's roadways.

However, be aware that these roads are shared with motor vehicles.

Ensure you adhere to all safety regulations and wear appropriate gear while cycling here.

Also remember that steep inclines may require advanced riding skills for safe navigation.

Please note: off-road or mountain biking options aren't available within this location due to preservation efforts.

Remember always respect nature by sticking only to designated paths when enjoying your bike rides.
1. Summit Trail: This is a 1.8-mile round trip trail that takes you to the top of Pilot Butte, offering panoramic views of Bend and Central Oregon's high desert.

2. Nature Trail: A slightly shorter route than the summit trail at about 0.75 miles long, this path offers interpretive signs detailing local flora and fauna along with stunning vistas.

3. Base Trail Loop: An easy-to-moderate difficulty level hike around the base of Pilot Butte spanning approximately 1 mile in length; perfect for those looking for less elevation gain but still wanting beautiful scenery.

4. The East Side Road/Trailhead Access Point: It provides an alternative starting point to reach both Summit or Nature trails while also serving as part of The Deschutes River Scenic Waterway system.

5. Pilot Butte Parkway Path: Located on east side it's a paved pathway suitable even for wheelchairs providing access from city directly into park area.

6. Westside Trails: These are series interconnected paths running parallel to highway giving hikers option either climb up towards summit or take leisurely walk enjoying surrounding landscapes.

7. Northwest Passage Route: Starting near west entrance gatehouse its steep uphill trek leading straight onto main road circling pilot buttes peak.

8. South Slope Paths: Less crowded these routes offer tranquil hiking experience amidst dense juniper trees & scrubland vegetation.

9. Viewpoint Spur Tracks: Short offshoots branching out from primary trails they lead towards secluded lookout points each presenting unique perspective over sprawling bend valley below.

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Pilot Butte State Park is located in Bend, Oregon. To get there from downtown Bend, follow NE Greenwood Avenue heading east until you reach the roundabout at NE 8th Street. Take the second exit onto Franklin Avenue and continue for about half a mile.

At the next roundabout, take the first exit onto SE Wilson Avenue and drive straight for approximately one mile. Then turn right onto SE Reed Market Road and continue on this road for another two miles.

After passing under US-97 highway overpass, keep left to stay on Reed Market Road as it turns into SW Division Street. Continue driving westward on SW Division Street until you see signs indicating Pilot Butte State Park entrance ahead.

Turn left into Pilot Butte Drive just before reaching Neff Road intersection (there will be signage directing towards Pilot Butte). Follow this road uphill until you arrive at the parking lot of Pilot Butte State Park.

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