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Rocky Butte State Park
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Rocky Butte State Park is a stunning natural area that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The park's most prominent feature is an extinct volcanic cinder cone known as Rocky Butte which rises to 612 feet above sea level and provides panoramic vistas of Portland cityscape, Columbia River Gorge and Cascade Mountains including Mount Hood. It features lush greenery with hiking trails winding through dense forests leading up to its summit where there stands Joseph Wood Hill Park - home to historical landmarks like a castle-like former jail building now serving as Bible College campus and an old airway beacon tower. This urban oasis serves not only for recreational activities such as picnicking or rock climbing but also acts as educational hub due its rich geological history.

History of the Area
Located in Portland, Oregon, this natural area is a volcanic cinder cone and part of the Boring Lava Field. The site was initially used as a quarry during the early 20th century before being converted into an outdoor recreational space.

In its earlier history around World War II era, it served as home to barracks for civil defense workers. Later on from 1948-1952, these were transformed into classrooms that formed the initial campus of Portland Community College (PCC).

The location also housed Rocky Butte Jail until it closed down in 1983 due to structural issues caused by landslides. Afterward, Multnomah County sold most parts of this land back to City Parks Department while retaining some portions for emergency management services.

Over time with various developments including construction work done under Works Progress Administration (WPA), today's park features include Joseph Wood Hill Park at its summit offering panoramic views along with amenities like picnic tables and interpretive signs about local geology & vegetation.

It has become popular among locals not just because of historical significance but also owing to opportunities offered such as hiking trails leading up through woods filled with Douglas fir trees or biking routes providing challenging uphill climbs rewarding cyclists' efforts with stunning vistas over Columbia River Gorge towards Mount Hood & St Helens volcanoes beyond cityscape below.

1. Summit Trail: This is a 2-mile round trip trail that leads to the top of Rocky Butte, offering panoramic views of Portland and surrounding areas.

2. Quarry Loop Trail: A moderate difficulty level hike spanning about 3 miles in length with scenic overlooks along the way showcasing old quarry sites within the park.

3. East Ridge Pathway: An easy-to-moderate hiking path stretching for approximately one mile through dense forested terrain on eastern side of Rocky Butte Park.

4. West Slope Walkway: Approximately two miles long, this trail offers hikers an opportunity to explore western slopes featuring unique rock formations and diverse vegetation types including Douglas fir trees and Oregon grape shrubs.

5. North Woods Nature Track: It's a short half-a-mile loop perfect for bird watching or enjoying quiet moments amidst lush greenery; it also features several interpretive signs explaining local flora & fauna.

6. South Rim Adventure Route: Spanning around three miles,this challenging route takes you across steep terrains providing breathtaking vistas over southern landscapes from various vantage points atop rocky cliffs.

7. Central Valley Exploration Course: Ideal for families with children as well as beginners due its relatively flat surface ; covers roughly one:and-half mile distance passing by picnic spots, playground area etc.

8. Old Tunnel Discovery Journey: About four kilometers long moderately difficult track leading towards abandoned railway tunnel site which was once part of historic Columbia River Highway system.

9. Sunset Viewpoint Stroll: Short quarter-of-a-mile walk ending at spectacular viewpoint overlooking sunset hues painting sky above distant horizon line during evening hours.

10. Canyon Creek Hiking Passage: Roughly five kilometer:long strenuous trek navigating alongside Canyon creek's course revealing cascading waterfalls hidden deep inside thick woodland coverages.

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Area Campgrounds
Portland Fairview RV Park
21401 NE Sandy Boulevard
Fairview, OR
RV Park of Portland
6645 SW Nyberg Lane
Tualatin, OR
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1. Start by heading east on I:84 E from Portland.
2. Take exit 7 for NE Halsey St toward Weidler St.
3. Keep left at the fork to continue onto NE Halsey St.
4. Continue straight onto SE Stark St.
5. Turn right onto SE 102nd Ave, then take a slight left turn to stay on it.
6. Continue straight until you reach Rocky Butte Rd and make a sharp right turn onto it.

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