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Rooster Rock State Park
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Spring at Rooster Rock is where spring fever happens. Imagine the first warm, sunny days of spring where meadows of wild roses and the spicy scent of Oregon grape combine with an endless panorama of the Cascade mountains, blue sky and the deep blue waters of the Columbia River. During the first sunny days of spring, people suddenly call in sick at work or school. That's when our parking lot fills up!

Summers and Rooster Rock are like peas and carrots; they just go together. Three miles of sandy beaches bring out the crowds. One of the largest swimming areas near Portland serves visitors who want a natural experience. It's even more natural the farther east you go at Rooster Rock (where you?ll find one of Oregon?s two designated nude beaches). By design, the nude beach area is completely separate and not visible from the clothing-required area of the large park. The two areas coexist in harmony.

Our covered picnic shelters and tables serve families and groups of all sizes. Rooster Rock's boat ramp is located in the scenic lagoon at the base of looming Rooster Rock. You?ll find some of the best bass, steelhead and walleye fishing around here.

Fall colors blaze at Rooster Rock. For an easy hike, try the 2 mile Volkswalk trail at the east end of the park. The trails will be covered with huge maples and oaks as you take a flat hike above the Columbia River. Blacktail deer, swordgrass and mushrooms grow large in the beautiful forests and meadows along this trail.

Wintertime at Rooster Rock State Park can be challenging, but it?s paradise to those who love life on the edge. Windsurfers know this -- they come here when others stay away. When east winds barge down the Columbia Gorge at 25 to 40 mph, windsurfers come out of the woodwork to ride the whitecaps on the Columbia River. Winter wind speeds at Rooster Rock have been measured at 110 mph. In the winter, Rooster Rock becomes the gateway to winter recreation in the Gorge and the Cascades.

Vital stats:Three reservable picnic shleters and two reservable day use areas. $3 daily day-use fee or buy a 12-month permit for $25, or a 24-month permit for $40. These 1- and 2-year permits are good at all state park day-use areas.Call (503) 695-2261 or (800) 551-6949 for information. This park has a designated off-leash area for your pet. A leash no longer than 6 feet is required elsewhere in the park.
History of the Area
Located in the Columbia River Gorge, east of Corbett, Oregon is a public recreation area known for its distinctive basalt column. The park's history dates back to Native American tribes who used it as a fishing and camping site.

The name "Rooster Rock" was derived from Lewis & Clark's journals where they referred to this rock formation as their campsite on November 2nd, 1805. They named it after an unusual nearby stone pillar that resembled a rooster tail or comb which has since fallen due to natural erosion processes.

In the late nineteenth century during pioneer times, Rooster Rock became infamous among riverboat pilots because of Celilo Falls' dangerous rapids located upstream. It served as both navigational landmark and warning sign for these early explorers navigating through treacherous waters.

During construction of Historic Columbia River Highway (1913-1922), Samuel Lancaster incorporated part of his design into what would later become one section within today's recreational area boundaries; he saw potential beauty here despite initial challenges posed by rugged terrain conditions at hand then.

By mid-twentieth century when Interstate highway system began expanding across America including Pacific Northwest region too - specifically I-84 corridor along southern bank side - state officials recognized need preserving unique scenic spots like our subject matter herein discussed thus leading them acquiring land parcels around same gradually over time until finally establishing present-day protected zone status officially designated under State Parks Department jurisdictional authority circa year 1960 onwards till date now serving multitude outdoor enthusiasts annually offering wide range activities such hiking trails picnic areas swimming beach boat ramp etcetera besides providing panoramic views surrounding landscape features notably Multnomah falls Crown Point Vista House Beacon amongst others thereby contributing significantly towards local tourism industry growth sustainability efforts overall environmental conservation initiatives alike ever since inception onward perpetuity henceforth forevermore amen!

1. East Trail: This is a moderate 2-mile trail that offers stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge and Rooster Rock itself.

2. West Loop Trail: A relatively easy, flat loop around the western part of the park with plenty of bird-watching opportunities along its 3 miles length.

3. Riverside Walkway: An accessible paved path running parallel to Sandy River for about half a mile; perfect for leisurely strolls or wheelchair users.

4. Forest Pathway: Winding through dense woodland areas, this one-mile long pathway provides an immersive nature experience within close proximity to picnic spots and restrooms facilities in case needed during your hike

5. Birdwatcher's Route : As implied by its name, it's ideal for those interested in ornithology as you can spot various species throughout different seasons on this short but rewarding route which covers less than a mile distance

6 .Rooster Rock Summit Hike - It's challenging due to steep inclines over rocky terrain but rewards hikers with panoramic vistas from atop Rooster rock after covering approximately two miles uphill journey

7.Columbia Viewpoint Track - Offering breathtaking view points overlooking Columbia river gorge ,this track spans across roughly three miles featuring both gentle slopes & few strenuous sections suitable only experienced trekkers .

8.Sandy Beach Promenade- Ideal choice if looking forward relaxing walk alongside sandy beach stretch spanning just under quarter mile offering beautiful sunset views at dusk time.

9.Riverfront Nature Stroll- Easy level stroll stretching little more than half-a-mile providing ample opportunity observe local flora fauna while walking amidst serene riverside setting .

10.Picnic Area Trails - These are small interconnected trails leading towards designated picnic sites scattered all over park area allowing visitors enjoy their meals midst natural surroundings

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Portland Fairview RV Park
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Rooster Rock State Park is located in Oregon, specifically along the Columbia River Gorge. To reach the park from Portland, follow these directions:

1. Start by getting on I-84 E/US-30 E from SW 6th Ave and SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
2. Continue driving east on I-84 for approximately 16 miles.
3. Take Exit 25 toward Rooster Rock State Park/Multnomah Falls.
4. Merge onto NE Frontage Rd and continue for about half a mile until you see signs directing you to turn right into Rooster Rock State Park.

Once inside the park, there are various activities and amenities available such as hiking trails, picnic areas with tables and grills, swimming beaches (during summer months), boat ramps (for non-motorized watercraft only), camping sites (both tent-only and RV-friendly options), restrooms facilities including showers at designated campgrounds.

Please note that parking fees may apply depending on your visit duration or if using certain facilities within the park area like overnight camping spots or day-use areas during peak season times when demand is high - so be sure to check current rates before visiting!

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Oregon State Parks