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Oregon Coast Region
Rocky Creek State Park
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It is always a great day for a picnic in the park.
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Rocky Creek State Park is a scenic coastal area that offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The park features rugged cliffs and rocky landscapes where visitors can watch for gray whales migrating along the coastline or explore tide pools teeming with marine life during low tides. It also provides picnic areas nestled among Sitka spruce trees providing an ideal spot to relax while enjoying panoramic ocean vistas. Known for its natural beauty and tranquility, Rocky Creek State Park serves as a perfect getaway from city hustle-bustle offering opportunities for wildlife viewing, photography or simply soaking up nature's splendor.

History of the Area
Located on the central coast of Oregon, this scenic area was initially inhabited by Native American tribes such as Tillamook and Siletz. The land became a part of U.S territory in 1846 after the signing of the Oregon Treaty between Great Britain and America.

In early years, it served primarily for fishing purposes due to its proximity to Pacific Ocean waters rich with marine life. It wasn't until 1922 that steps were taken towards preserving this natural beauty when Samuel H Boardman started advocating for state parks across Oregon.

The park's establishment came about during an era known as "the golden age" (1933-1942) under President Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal program which aimed at providing jobs while conserving nature through Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). During these times, CCC workers built trails along cliffs overlooking ocean views making them accessible for public enjoyment.

Over time additional amenities like picnic areas were added enhancing visitor experience further. Today it is recognized not only for breathtaking coastal vistas but also serves as a sanctuary protecting diverse wildlife species including seals & sea lions often spotted from viewpoints above rocky shores.

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Enjoy fishing in a scenic coastal setting. Species include Chinook salmon, coho salmon and steelhead trout. Fishing licenses are required.

Explore the creek or ocean for diverse angling opportunities. Remember to follow catch-and-release regulations during certain seasons.

The park offers both freshwater and saltwater fishing options depending on your preference; all within walking distance of each other.

Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck at catching various species from shorelines, bridges or boats with appropriate permits.

Remember that some areas may be off-limits due to conservation efforts so always check local guidelines before casting out.

Whether you're an experienced fisherman or just starting out, there's something here for everyone - even crabbing is available seasonally!

1. Rocky Creek State Park offers numerous picnic tables with stunning ocean views.
2. Picnickers can enjoy whale watching while eating their meals.
3. There are open grassy areas perfect for a blanket picnic setup.
4. The park provides BBQ grills at certain spots, ideal for cookouts and gatherings.
5. Visitors may spot local wildlife during their outdoor meal experience in the park's natural setting.

1. Rocky Creek Loop Trail: This is a 2-mile moderate trail that offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and rocky cliffs, with opportunities to spot whales during migration season.

2. Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint Trail: A short but steep half mile hike offering panoramic ocean views from atop Cape Foulweather's rugged cliffside.

3. Devil's Punchbowl Hiking Trails: These trails range in length up to three miles round trip, leading hikers through dense forested areas before opening out onto breathtaking coastal vistas overlooking the unique geological formation known as Devil's Punchbowl.

4. Beverly Beach Overlook Trail: An easy one-mile loop featuring beautiful wildflowers and providing an excellent vantage point for whale watching or simply enjoying sweeping beachfront scenery.

5. Agate Beach Dunes Pathway: It is a flat sandy path stretching about two miles along Oregon coast line which provides access to tide pools teeming with marine life at low tides.

6. Yaquina Head Lighthouse Walkway: Although not technically within park boundaries this paved walk leads you right up close to historic lighthouse on nearby headland; it also includes interpretive signs detailing area history & wildlife sightings are common here too especially seabirds like puffins & cormorants.

7. South Jetty Road: This gravel road winds its way down towards mouth of Newport Harbor where there are several pullouts perfect for picnicking while taking in expansive bay view.

8. Quarry Cove Tide Pool Exploration Area: Accessible via wooden boardwalk,this protected enclave allows visitors chance explore rich intertidal zone without damaging delicate ecosystem ; be sure bring your rubber boots though because things can get slippery!

9. Salal Hill Summit Track: For those seeking more challenging trek,this strenuous uphill climb rewards effort spectacular panorama entire coastline below plus occasional glimpse migrating gray whales if timing right (usually late winter/early spring).

10. Rocky Creek State Park Campground Loop: This easy, half:mile loop is perfect for campers or day visitors looking to stretch their legs and enjoy the park's lush coastal forest.

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Area Campgrounds
Sea & Sand RV Park
4985 N Highway 101
Depoe Bay, OR
Outdoor Resorts Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort
6225 North Highway 101
Newport, OR
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1. Start your journey on the nearest major highway or road that leads to Highway 101.
2. Once you are on Highway 101, head north if coming from southern Oregon or south if coming from northern Oregon.
3. Continue driving along Highway 101 until you reach Depoe Bay, a small coastal town known for its picturesque harbor and whale:watching opportunities.
4. In Depoe Bay, look out for signs indicating Rocky Creek State Park's entrance which will be off of the main highway.
5. Turn onto the designated road leading into Rocky Creek State Park.

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