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Oregon Coast Region
Otter Crest State Park
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Western Meadow Lark
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Soak in the view from 500' above the ocean on the breathtaking crescent sweep of white sandy beach stretching to the south. Cape Foulweather is stunning and inspirational with its picturesque promontory. This popular whale watching spot also provides a good view of the Devil?s Punchbowl environs. Imagine Captain Cook?s first sighting on that stormy March day in 1778. The adjacent gift shop is privately owned.
History of the Area
Located in the heart of Oregon's scenic coastline, this picturesque location has a rich history. Originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Alsea and Siletz, it was later discovered by European explorers during their expeditions along North America's Pacific Coast.

In 1925, Samuel H. Boardman became Oregon's first state parks superintendent with an aim to preserve natural areas for public enjoyment which led to acquiring lands that would eventually become part of today's park system including Otter Crest area.

The land where the park now sits was purchased between 1929 and 1956 from private owners through various transactions. The largest acquisition occurred in December 1942 when about half of its current size (around thirty acres) were bought at once.

During World War II, many coastal locations like this one served as lookout points due to fear of enemy invasion on US soil but after war ended these sites returned back into recreational use again.
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16.2 miles from park*

1. Devil's Punchbowl Trail: A short, 0.5-mile trail that leads to a unique natural feature - the "Devil's punch bowl". It offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and is popular for whale watching.

2. Otter Crest Loop Trail: This scenic coastal route spans approximately two miles with moderate difficulty level due to its steep inclines and declines but rewards hikers with breathtaking ocean vistas.

3. Cape Foulweather Lookout Point Pathway: An easy walk from parking area leading up to an observation deck offering panoramic views of rugged coastline, crashing waves, migrating whales during season time and distant lighthouse on clear days.

4. The Inn at Otter Crest Nature Trails: These are series of interconnected trails within resort property which meander through lush forested areas providing opportunities for birdwatching or spotting local wildlife like deer or raccoons.

5. Otter Rock Marine Reserve Walkways: Several pathways lead down towards tide pools teeming with marine life including starfishes, sea anemones etc.

6. Beverly Beach State Park Hiking Paths: Adjacent park has several hiking paths running along Spencer Creek amidst dense vegetation ideal for family hikes.

7. Yaquina Head Lighthouse Access Road & Interpretive Center Walking Routes: Though not exactly in state park boundaries these nearby walking routes offer additional options exploring historic lighthouses while learning about regional history.

8. Flying Dutchman Winery Coastal Route: For wine lovers this pathway provides access directly into vineyards where they can enjoy tastings after their hike.

9. Surfers' Memorial Viewpoint Track: Short track off Highway 101 dedicated as memorial site overlooking surf break point known among surfing community worldwide.

10. Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint Trails: Another adjacent location having few small trails each ending at viewpoints over rocky cliffs against backdrop of vast pacific waters often frequented by seals and sea birds.

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Area Campgrounds
Thousand Trails Whalers Rest
50 Southeast 123rd Street
, OR
Sea & Sand RV Park
4985 N Highway 101
Depoe Bay, OR
Outdoor Resorts Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort
6225 North Highway 101
Newport, OR
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1. Start by heading west on Highway 101 from Newport or south on Highway 101 from Lincoln City.
2. Continue driving along the scenic coastal highway until you reach mile marker 135, which is approximately ten miles north of Newport and five miles south of Depoe Bay.
3. Look for signs indicating the entrance to Otter Crest Loop Road and turn onto it.
4. Follow this road as it winds uphill towards a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean coastline.

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Oregon State Parks