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Sisters State Park
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Sisters State Park is a breathtaking natural haven that offers an array of outdoor activities. The park boasts stunning landscapes characterized by towering pine trees and rugged mountain peaks including the Three Sisters Mountains from which it derives its name. It features numerous hiking trails winding through lush forests teeming with diverse wildlife species for nature enthusiasts to explore. Visitors can also enjoy camping under starlit skies or partake in thrilling adventures like rock climbing and horseback riding during their stay at this serene sanctuary nestled amidst pristine wilderness settings.

History of the Area
Located in the city of Sisters, Oregon, this natural haven was established as a state park by the State Parks and Recreation Department. The area is known for its stunning landscapes that include dense forests, clear streams and an abundance of wildlife.

The land where it now stands has been inhabited by Native American tribes such as Warm Springs long before European settlers arrived. These indigenous people used to hunt game animals like deer or elk within these lands while also gathering various plants for food and medicinal purposes.

In 1943, during World War II era when many parks were being developed across America under Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal program; local residents donated around 32 acres to create what would become one of Oregon's most beloved outdoor spaces.

Over time additional parcels have been added increasing its size significantly with current estimates putting it at approximately over 1000 acres making it one among largest state parks in central part region.

Today visitors can enjoy numerous recreational activities including hiking on miles-long trails through old-growth forest areas filled with Douglas fir trees along scenic Whychus Creek which flows year-round providing habitat for native fish species like rainbow trout & bullhead catfish besides attracting birdwatchers who come here spotting different types avian fauna from bald eagles down tiny hummingbirds etc., camping facilities are available too plus picnic spots near water bodies offering panoramic views surrounding mountains especially Three Sister Peaks after whom town itself got named originally hence indirectly giving name our subject matter herein discussed i.e., aforementioned public recreation site managed ORPRD (Oregon Park & Recreational Dept.).

1. Peterson Ridge Trail: A 25-mile trail system perfect for hikers of all levels, offering stunning views of the Three Sisters and other Cascade peaks.

2. Chush Falls Trail: This moderate difficulty hike is about five miles round trip leading to a beautiful waterfall view at its end point.

3. Black Butte Hike: An approximately four mile out-and-back trail that offers panoramic views from an old fire lookout on top of Black Butte mountain peak.

4. Suttle Lake Loop: Easy level hiking path around scenic Suttle lake with plenty opportunities for bird watching and fishing along the way.

5. Metolius River Loops - West Bank & East Bank Trails: These trails offer easy hikes alongside picturesque riverbanks filled with wildlife sightings including bald eagles, osprey etc.,.

6. Tam McArthur Rim via Tam:A-Lau loop- Moderate-difficulty six-mile long trek providing breathtaking vistas over Central Oregon's high desert landscape as well as glimpses into deep canyons below rim edge.

7. Whychus Creek Overlook: Short but steep half:a-mile climb up to overlook platform giving expansive sightlines across Whychus creek valley towards snow-capped Cascades in distance.

8. Sisters Mountain Bike Loop: Although primarily designed for bikers this multi:use track also welcomes walkers who wish explore local forested terrain while enjoying occasional peeks onto nearby mountains through tree breaks.

9. Head Of Jack Creek Preserve Walkway: Gentle two:miles stroll within preserve area showcasing diverse range native plant species plus potential encounters various woodland creatures such deer or squirrels during journey.

10. Green Lakes:Soda Creek Loop: Longer more challenging route taking full day complete yet rewards effort by passing multiple alpine lakes set against backdrop towering volcanic summits above treeline.

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1. Start by heading east on West Hood Avenue toward South Elm Street.
2. Turn left onto North Pine Street and continue for about 0.3 miles.
3. At the roundabout, take the second exit to stay on North Pine Street.
4. After approximately 0.7 miles, turn right onto East Cascade Avenue/Oregon Route 126 E/US:20 E.
5. Continue driving along US:20 E for around 6 miles until you reach a junction with Forest Road (FR)15/Santiam Highway SE: keep left at this intersection to stay on US-20E towards Bend/McKenzie Pass/Salem.
6. Follow US:20E for another approximate of about 16 more mile till you see signs directing you into Sister's City limits where it will be your final destination.

Once inside Sisters city limit:
7. Turn right onto S Locust St after passing through town center area.
8. After turning Right go straight down south locust street which turns into W Mckenzie Hwy as soon as leaving sister's city limits.
9. Drive approximatly .25miles then make slight Left staying still following McKenzie hwy/W mackenzie highway.
10. Stay Straight continuing westbound drive past Indian Ford Rd & Camp Polk rd intersections while remaining On w Mackenzie HWY .
11. Approximately one half:mile later look out For sign indicating entrance road leading Into sisters state park campground loop.

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Oregon State Parks