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Sun Pass State Forest
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The Sun Pass State Forest is a mesmerizing natural landscape that showcases the beauty and diversity of the state. With sprawling green forests, stunning mountain vistas, and meandering rivers, this forest captivates visitors with its exquisite charm. The tranquil atmosphere offers a perfect escape from the noise and chaos of contemporary life, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the serenity of nature. Whether it's hiking along its scenic trails, camping under the starlit sky, or indulging in various recreational activities like fishing or birdwatching, the Sun Pass State Forest offers a magical experience that leaves a lasting impression on all those who are fortunate enough to explore its breathtaking surroundings.
History of the Area
The forest is named after Sun Pass, a local mountain pass in the area. The pass was historically used as a route for Native American tribes, pioneers, and traders traveling through the region. It also provided access for miners during the gold rush era.

Logging activities in the area began in the late 19th century, with the establishment of several sawmills and logging camps. The forests were harvested for timber, and logging was an important industry in the region.

Over time, the land that now comprises Sun Pass State Forest changed hands multiple times, with different companies and individuals owning the land. In 2009, the State of Oregon acquired the property, establishing it as a state forest the following year.
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Sun Pass State Forest in Oregon offers a variety of picnicking options for visitors. There are several designated picnic areas throughout the forest with tables and benches, perfect for enjoying an outdoor meal amidst nature's beauty. Some sites also have barbecue grills available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The surrounding trees provide ample shade during sunny days while offering scenic views of the lush greenery and wildlife that inhabit this area. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails before or after their meals as well to fully immerse themselves in what Sun Pass State Forest has to offer.

1. Sun Pass Trail: This is a moderate 5-mile round trip trail that starts at the forest entrance and winds its way through dense pine forests, offering glimpses of local wildlife such as deer and birds.

2. Lakeview Loop: A relatively easy hike with minimal elevation gain, this 3-mile loop takes hikers around one of the many lakes within Sun Pass State Forest for stunning water views.

3. Mount Scott Summit Trail: For more experienced hikers seeking an adventure, this challenging 7-mile out-and-back trail leads to the summit of Mt. Scott providing panoramic views over Klamath County.

4. Aspen Grove Pathway: An ideal family-friendly option due to its flat terrain; it's a short but scenic walk among groves of quaking aspen trees spanning just under two miles in length.

5. Pine Marten Run: This moderately difficult hiking path spans about six miles featuring diverse landscapes including meadows filled with wildflowers during springtime along with sightings possible for elusive creatures like pine martens or black bears from safe distances.

6. Crystal Springs Connector: It's another popular route stretching approximately four miles connecting multiple trails together while passing by crystal-clear springs where you can refill your bottles after treating water properly according to wilderness guidelines.

7. Bald Mountain Ridge Route: At eight-miles long, this strenuous trek offers breathtaking vistas atop bald mountain ridge especially during sunrise/sunset hours when golden light bathes surrounding peaks creating mesmerizing scenes.

8. Beaver Pond Nature Walk: Perfect choice if looking forward exploring wetland ecosystems ;it circles beaver pond showcasing variety flora/fauna adapted living these unique habitats across roughly mile-long distance.

9. Big Tree Way: As name suggests, this pathway introduces visitors giant old-growth conifers standing tall against time covering three-miles ground suitable all skill levels owing gentle inclines/declines throughout journey.

10. Sun Creek Interpretive Trail: This 1. 5-mile trail is a self-guided interpretive walk that provides educational information about the local ecosystem, flora and fauna of Sun Pass State Forest.

11. Lost Creek Ridge Hike: A challenging but rewarding hike with steep ascents leading to stunning views over Lost Creek Reservoir; it spans around nine miles round trip making suitable for seasoned hikers only.

12. Wildflower Meadow Stroll: An easy two mile stroll through lush meadows filled with seasonal wildflowers providing excellent photography opportunities along way especially during spring/summer months when blooms are at their peak.

13. Sunrise Vista Point Walk: Short half-mile trek leads up small hill ending vista point offering panoramic sunrise views across entire forest area ;it's ideal spot enjoy peaceful morning moments amidst nature before starting day's adventures.

14. Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Section: Part this iconic long-distance hiking route passes through Sun Pass State Forest covering approximately ten-miles stretch featuring diverse landscapes from dense woodlands open ridges high mountain peaks depending on specific section being traversed within park boundaries.

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1. Start your journey from Portland, Oregon.
2. Take I:84 E towards The Dalles for approximately 80 miles.
3. Continue on I:84 E until you reach Exit 104B toward US-97 S/Bend/Redmond.
4. Merge onto US:197 S and continue driving for about 50 miles.
5. Turn left onto OR:216 E/Wapinitia Hwy, then drive for another 15 miles.

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Oregon State Parks