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Oklahoma State Parks

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Northeast Region
Twin Bridges State Park
Twin Bridges State Park © Ben Prepelka
Twin Bridges State Park © Ben Prepelka
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14801 S Hwy 137
Fairland, Oklahoma   74343

Phone: 918-542-6969
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Twin Bridges State Park offers fabulous fishing in a beautiful country setting. Whether you stay in a lake hut or camp under the stars, you'll find plenty of reasons to love this park.

Twin Bridges State Park is known for its quiet country atmosphere and excellent fishing for trophy-sized bass, catfish, bluegill and spoonbill. A fishing center with bait/tackle, snacks and enclosed fishing dock is located within the park. Lighted boat ramps, picnic facilities, RV and tent campgrounds, lake huts, playgrounds, volleyball court and horseshoe pits are also available. Picnic facilities include tables, individual shelters and group picnic shelters for larger gatherings. Campsites range from semi-modern RV sites to tent camping, and comfort stations with showers. The park offers one-room lake huts with electricity, ceiling fans, and screened windows inside; grills, tables, water and restroom facilities outside.
History of the Area
Located in northeastern Oklahoma, the park was established in 1967. It covers over 368 acres and is named after two distinct bridges.

The area offers a variety of recreational activities such as fishing, boating, camping and picnicking due to its location at the confluence of Spring River and Neosho River.

It's known for excellent crappie fishing because these rivers are home to several species including catfish, bass among others.

In addition to water-based recreation options like swimming or canoeing; there are also hiking trails available within this state park.

Over time it has become popular with locals & tourists alike who enjoy outdoor pursuits amidst natural beauty.

The park is home to some great sport fishing, with trophy sized specimens representing such popular game fish species as bluegill, catfish, bass and spoonbill. The park is also the home of a well stocked fishing...more
The park offers a variety of boating options for visitors. There are two boat ramps available, providing easy access to the Spring River and Neosho/Grand Lake o' Cherokees. The water bodies offer excellent opportunities for both motorized and non-motorized boats including canoes, kayaks or paddle boards. Fishing boats are also popular due to abundant fish species in these waters such as catfish, crappie and bass among others.
Located in northeastern Oklahoma, the park offers fishing opportunities at Spring River and Neosho River. Anglers can catch crappie, largemouth bass, catfish and paddlefish. Boat ramps are available for easy water access. Fishing tournaments often take place here due to its rich aquatic life.

Twin Bridges State Park is located near Grove, Joplin and Miami

Twin Bridges State Park offers picnic tables, grills for barbecuing and covered shelters ideal for family or group picnics.
While exploring the park, be careful as there are no designated biking trails. Stick to paved roads for safety.

The terrain is mostly flat and suitable for casual cyclists; however, always stay alert due to vehicular traffic.

Remember that helmets are strongly recommended when cycling in any state park area. Safety should never be compromised.

Be mindful of wildlife crossing your path while riding - slow down or stop if necessary to avoid collisions.

Ensure you have a map handy since signage may not clearly indicate bike-friendly routes within this recreational space.

Always carry water with you during rides because hydration stations might not be readily available throughout the site.

Nighttime bicycling isn't advisable due to limited visibility and lack of lighting on most paths around here.

Lastly, respect other visitors by maintaining reasonable speeds especially near picnic areas or campgrounds where pedestrians could suddenly appear from blind spots.
1. Twin Bridges Nature Trail: This 0.5-mile trail is perfect for beginners, offering a leisurely walk through the park's lush greenery and providing opportunities to spot local wildlife.

2. Bear Creek Cove Trail: A moderate difficulty level hiking path that stretches approximately one mile along the shoreline of Grand Lake, featuring beautiful views over water bodies.

3. Little Blue Area Loop: An easy-to-navigate looped track covering roughly two miles around scenic picnic spots with plenty of shade from towering trees; ideal for family outings or casual walks in nature.

4. Deer Run Pathway: Approximately three miles long, this pathway offers hikers an opportunity to explore diverse landscapes including dense forests and open meadows where deer sightings are common.

5. Grand View Point Track: Stretching about four miles round trip, it provides panoramic vistas overlooking Grand River Valley ; recommended for experienced hikers due its steep inclines at certain points.

6. Eagle Watch Hiking Route: Known as birdwatcher's paradise, this route spans nearly five-miles across varied terrains like wetlands & woodlands - home to numerous species especially Bald Eagles during winter months.

7. Fishing Pond Walkway: Short but sweet half-a-mile stroll circling fishing pond area - great option if you're looking forward relaxing hike amidst serene surroundings near waterside.

8. Wildflower Meadow Waypoint: Two-and-half mile trek taking visitors through vibrant wildflower fields blooming seasonally ; also features several benches en-route allowing restful breaks while enjoying floral spectacle.
Birdwatchers can enjoy spotting a variety of species, including waterfowl and songbirds. The park also offers guided birding tours.
Area Attractions
Coleman Theatre, Miami ? Dobson Museum, Miami ? Mickey Mantle Home, Commerce

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
November 22 Christmas lights by Reatha Smith
park review stars; one to five Is there to be a light display, it was comparable to the Plaza in KC,MO, a drive through. I love to take my visitors.
June 6 Close to home by Bud Sheldon
park review stars; one to five I live in northeast Ok. with many campgrounds but this is my favorite , well kept, and very well patrolled by the Rangers. Safe for the whole family, In fact I am going back next week for a few days.
June 7 great fishing by been coming here for years
park review stars; one to five great fishing it really needs a stocked store with bait unless you want to try to catch your own good luck really really needs a store that has bait all the time
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Area Campgrounds
Grand Country Lakeside RV Park
55015 East 270 Road
Afton, OK
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Twin Bridges State Park14801 Hwy 137 SFairland, OK 74343

6 miles E of Fairland at junction of Hwy 137/60.

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