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Northeast Ohio Region
Chaplin State Forest
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Chaplin State Forest, located in Ohio, is a captivating natural haven known for its serene beauty and diverse wildlife. Spread across vast acres of ancient woodlands, this stunning forest offers a picturesque landscape adorned with towering trees, winding trails, and enchanting wildflowers. It provides a tranquil escape for nature enthusiasts, featuring an abundance of recreational activities such as hiking, birdwatching, and camping. With its tranquil ambiance and vibrant biodiversity, Chaplin State Forest stands as a cherished destination for those seeking solace and connection with the natural world.
History of the Area
Chaplin State Forest, located in Geauga County, Ohio, has a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. Here is a brief overview of its history:

- Origins: The land that would become Chaplin State Forest was originally settled by European immigrants in the mid-19th century, primarily for agriculture. However, with the decline in farming in the early 1900s, the land was abandoned and left to natural succession.

- National Reforestation Initiative: In the late 1920s, the Great Depression hit Ohio hard, causing economic distress and environmental challenges. As a response, President Franklin D. Roosevelt launched various programs under the New Deal, including the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). In 1933, one of the CCC camps was established in Geauga County, and the workers were tasked with reforesting and restoring the abandoned lands.

- State Forest Establishment: Following the success of the CCC work, the State of Ohio established Chaplin State Forest in 1934. It was named after Charles G. Chaplin, a prominent Ohio conservationist, legislator, and forester who played a vital role in shaping Ohio's early forestry policies and practices.

- Reforestation Efforts: The primary objective of Chaplin State Forest was to reestablish a healthy and sustainable forest on the previously degraded land. Thousands of trees were planted, including pine, oak, maple, and other native species, contributing to the regrowth and preservation of Ohio's forests.

- Multiple Uses: Over the years, Chaplin State Forest has been used for a variety of purposes. It served as a firewood source for local communities during World War II. In the 1950s, a civil defense training center was established within the forest, aimed at preparing communities for potential emergencies. Today, the forest is primarily managed for recreational purposes, including hiking, birdwatching, and nature appreciation.

- Continued Conservation Efforts: As the years passed, concerted efforts have been made to conserve and protect the biodiversity within Chaplin State Forest. These efforts have included ecological research, wildlife habitat management, and invasive species control, among others, to maintain the integrity and health of the forest ecosystem.

Chaplin State Forest stands as a testament to the early conservation efforts in Ohio and the transformative work undertaken during the Great Depression. It continues to provide a natural haven for visitors while preserving the state's forestry heritage.
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1. Start by getting on I-71 S from Broad St and S High St.
2. Continue on I-71 S. Take I-70 W to US-23 S in Columbus. Take exit 104 from I-270 S.
3. Merge onto US-23 S.
4. Continue on US-23 S. Take US-23 S to Main St in Chillicothe.
5. Continue straight onto Main St.
6. Continue onto Bridge St.
7. Turn left onto OH-159 S/Hickory St.
8. Continue to follow OH-159 S.
9. Continue onto OH-159 S/US-23 S.
10. Continue to follow US-23 S.
11. Turn left onto OH-207 E.
12. Turn right onto Three Locks Rd.
13. Continue onto Pemberton Rd.
14. Chaplin State Forest will be on the right.

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Ohio State Parks