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Mt. Hood and the Gorge Region
Shepperds Dell State Park
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In 1915, a local dairy farmer named George Shepperd gave all that he had (this tract of land) to the City of Portland as a memorial to his wife. Today, thousands of visitors along the Historic Columbia River Highway visit this beautiful spot, with its roaring waterfall cascading down steep cliffs into Youngs Creek and out to the Columbia River far below. The upper fall is around 42' tall. The lower tier is around 50' tall.

One of the most beautiful and historic highway bridges crosses the canyon here, but you can?t see or appreciated it unless you leave your car and take the short trail to the falls.
History of the Area
Located in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, Shepperds Dell is a state natural area that has been attracting visitors for over 100 years. The park's history begins with George Shepperd who gifted this tract of land to the City of Portland in 1915 as an enduring memorial to his wife.

The dell itself comprises two small canyons which are home to several waterfalls cascading down basalt cliffs into Youngs Creek and eventually flowing into the mighty Columbia River. It was one among many areas along Highway 30 (also known as Historic Columbia River Highway) donated by private owners during its construction between 1913-1922 under Samuel Hill's supervision.

In addition to being part of America's first scenic highway system designed specifically for automobile travelers, it also became part of Guy W Talbot State Park from late twenties until mid-thirties when they were separated due their distinct characteristics but remained managed together till date.

1. Shepperds Dell Falls Trail: This is a short, 0.2-mile trail that leads to the beautiful two-tiered waterfall known as Shepperd's Dell Waterfall.

2. Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail: A part of this scenic and historic highway runs through the park offering hikers stunning views of waterfalls, cliffs, and forests along its path.

3. Bridal Veil Falls Hike: Starting from within Shepherd's Dell Park area but extending beyond it; this moderate hike takes you on an approximately 4 miles round trip journey with breathtaking sights including multiple cascades like Coopey falls before culminating at Bridal Veil Fall viewpoint.

4. Angel's Rest-Devils Rest Loop Hike: Although not directly in Shepard's dell state park itself but accessible via connecting trails or by car for starting point; It offers challenging terrain over about 10 mile loop featuring panoramic vistas across Columbia river gorge region & several smaller waterfalls en route.

5. Wahkeena-Multnomah Loop Hiking Route: Another nearby hiking option which can be accessed easily from shepherds dell location ; The roughly seven mile long circuitous trek includes famous Multnomah falls, Wahkeena springs among other attractions while providing ample opportunities for bird watching & wildflower sightings during appropriate seasons.

6. Larch Mountain Crater Loop: Accessible after some driving distance northwards from shepherd's dell site .This extensive nearly fourteen miles long adventurous track traverses various landscapes such as old growth forest areas, meadows etc leading up to Sherrard Point (highest spot) where one gets sweeping view encompassing five volcanoes subject to clear weather conditions.

7. Vista House Viewpoint Walkway: Located just few minutes drive away towards east direction ; Though technically more of leisurely walk than proper hike still worth mentioning due its close proximity plus amazing sightseeing prospects especially around sunrise/sunset timings.

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Portland Fairview RV Park
21401 NE Sandy Boulevard
Fairview, OR
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1. Start by heading west on Interstate 84 from Portland.
2. Continue driving for approximately 17 miles until you reach Exit 35 towards Bridal Veil.
3. Take this exit and merge onto Historic Columbia River Highway (also known as U.S Route 30).
4. Follow the highway for about half a mile until you see signs directing you to Shepperds Dell State Park.
5. Turn left into the park entrance.

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