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Oregon Coast Region
Samuel H Boardman State Park
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This corridor is a 12 mile, forested linear park with a rugged, steep coastline interrupted by small sand beaches. This park was named in honor of Samuel H. Boardman, the first Oregon Parks superintendent. He and others of his generation felt this shining green emerald coastline should be saved for the public. What gems they gave us: admire the 300-year old sitka spruce trees, gaze at the amazing Arch Rock and Natural Bridges, and walk the 27 miles of Oregon Coast Trail that weave through giant forests.

Seaside prairies, spectacular vistas, secluded cove beaches, rugged cliffs and forested sea stacks come one after the other at this park. Visit old mining sites. Stand and ponder the old shell middens and wonder what it was like to live in a native American village by the Pacific Ocean.
History of the Area
Located along the southern Oregon coast, this 12-mile stretch of scenic parkland was established in honor of Samuel H. Boardman, who served as the first superintendent for Oregon's State Parks from 1929 to 1950.

Born in Massachusetts on May 31st,1874 and later moving to Portland with his family at age six; he developed a deep love for nature early on which led him into forestry work after graduating high school. His passion eventually landed him an appointment by Governor I.L Patterson as head of newly formed state parks system where he worked tirelessly towards its development until retirement.

The area that now bears his name became part of the state park system under Boardman's leadership during late-1940s when it was purchased using funds provided through federal grants and local donations. The land had previously been owned by Brookings Lumber & Box Company but due to financial difficulties they sold off large portions including what is today known as one among most beautiful stretches within entire Pacific Northwest region - offering visitors breathtaking views over rugged coastline interspersed with sandy beaches alongside dense forest areas filled with Sitka spruce trees amongst others native species found here such like salal bushes or sword ferns etcetera .

In recognition for all efforts made throughout years dedicated service given towards preservation natural beauty across whole country especially those located around own home town - namely these magnificent landscapes we see before us right now ; then governor Douglas McKay officially renamed former 'Brookings Park' into current title back year following Mr.Boardmans departure office thus ensuring legacy would continue live long beyond lifetime itself .

Today , thousands tourists flock each summer enjoy various recreational activities available ranging hiking trails leading down steep cliffs edge sea below exploring hidden coves teeming marine life even camping out beneath starry night sky while listening gentle waves crashing ashore nearby beachfront sites spread throughout property grounds themselves providing ample opportunities everyone regardless their personal interests preferences whether be simply relaxing amidst serene surroundings or seeking more adventurous pursuits such as kayaking along shoreline waters etcetera .

Despite passing time , essence original vision still remains intact thanks largely part ongoing efforts made by current park staff members alongside numerous volunteers who together strive maintain preserve unique natural heritage for future generations come enjoy appreciate just much we do today.

1. Arch Rock Picnic Area Trail: A short, easy trail that leads to a picnic area with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and natural arch rock formations.

2. Thunder Rock Cove Trail: This moderate 0.5-mile round trip hike offers breathtaking coastal vistas including secluded coves and dramatic cliffs.

3. Natural Bridges Viewpoint Hike: An approximately one mile out-and-back trail featuring beautiful wildflowers, bird-watching opportunities, and an iconic view of naturally formed stone bridges in the ocean.

4. Whaleshead Beach Walkway: Easy walk down to a sandy beach known for its unique whale head-shaped rock formation visible during low tide; about half-a-mile long each way.

5 Thomas Creek Bridge Pathway - Short but steep path leading under Oregon's highest bridge offering panoramic views over lush forested valleys below

6 Indian Sands Loop - Roughly five miles loop through sand dunes providing spectacular coastline scenery along with archaeological sites dating back thousands years ago

7 Lone Ranch Beach Trails- Network trails around this popular picnicking spot offer access to tidal pools teeming marine life as well as scenic viewpoints overlooking sea stacks offshore

8 China Creek Loop - Approximately two-miles trek meandering alongside creek before ascending into mature Sitka spruce forests showcasing diverse flora fauna native region

9 Cape Ferrelo Viewpoint Hike- One mile uphill climb rewards hikers sweeping panoramas rugged coastlines stretching far north south from elevated vantage point

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Samuel H Boardman State Park is located on the southern coast of Oregon, approximately 6 miles north of Brookings. To reach the park from Portland, you can take I-5 South for about 250 miles until reaching exit 299 toward US-101/Oregon Coast/Crescent City. Merge onto OR-42 and continue straight to stay on it as it becomes N Bank Chetco River Road.

After around 3 miles, turn left onto Winchuck River Road and follow this road for another mile before turning right onto Oceanview Drive. Continue along Oceanview Drive for approximately half a mile until you see signs indicating Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor.

Once inside the park area, there are several viewpoints accessible by car along Highway 101 that offer stunning views of rugged coastline cliffs and sea stacks. Some popular stops include Arch Rock Viewpoint (around Milepost #345), Natural Bridges Viewpoint (#346), Secret Beach Overlook (#347), Thunder Rock Cove (#348) among others.

To explore further into the park's trails or beaches on foot, parking areas are available at various points within Samuel H Boardman State Park with clear signage directing visitors towards trailheads leading down to secluded coves or scenic overlooks.

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