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Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
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Mount Charleston National Recreation Trail
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Valley of Fire State Park
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Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
'Fenced Entranceway'
© vegasdesertfox

Spring Mtn Ranch main driveway

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Nevada Parks Visitor Reviews
11/6/2012 11:08:12 PM Beaver Dam State Park by Tsugem64
Solitude; very quiet; lots of trout - My wife and I fished for trout in the stream and got our limit in 2 hours. Nobody else was there. Clean campgrounds but lack of fresh water was a disappointment. The trail to the hot spring was nice but the springs were too small to soak in and only lukewarm. Otherwise a nice getaway.
10/16/2012 5:25:21 PM Cave Lake State Park
LOVE YOU CAVE LAKE - Our Family loves loves loves Cave Lake. The Rangers are friendly. The camp sites are immaculate. The bathrooms are clean. The fishing is never disappointing. This is a once a year must for my family.
10/7/2012 4:18:28 PM Valley of Fire State Park by Joe
Amazing Place To See - I have been to Valley of Fire many times and I love this park. Some of the best pictures I have ever taken have been in Valley of Fire. The contrast of the dark red rock and the light green and brown desert and blue sky is like nothing else I have ever seen or photographed. I have been to many parks in CA, NV, AZ, UT - Valley Fire is one of the best.
6/10/2012 6:55:48 PM Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge by Lurana
Several very good campgrounds, clean. - Both Fish Springs and Big Springs campgrounds were quiet and well kept. Sorry there were no fish in Big Springs June 2012....maybe next visit.
2/11/2012 Ward Charcoal Ovens State Park by Don & Katy
in the middle of now where, LOL - My wife and I camped in the area three years ago on our adventure to the east coast in our 95 chevy astro van. Our sleeping tent on wheels. It was early into our trip about two days out from los angeles. The camp was deserted but for a late arrival early leaver. We enjoyed the quite. But our siteseeing of the kilns was just amazing. Such craftsmanship. the rock was so well placed and the craftsmanship so superb. My wife and I were so pleased that we took the road to the camp. What great men lived in our past. I highly recomend to all that they should visit the Kilns if not camping. don and katy h.
10/15/2011 Spring Valley State Park by Duane Bottoms
Great Elk Hunt Experience - My wife and father and I, were camped at Eagle Valley Reservoir for 11 days and had a great time. Ben Johnson, our park ranger was very helpful about where to look for elk and other points of interest. When we did harvest an elk he told us where we could clean up with out offending others. We spent most of our hunting, but look forward to another stay. The campgrounds were excellent and well maintained. Thank you for a great place to stay.
9/3/2011 Valley of Fire State Park by Laurens
Paradise on earth - We crossed California, Nevada and Arizona during three weeks. Next time we will go immediately to Valley of fire and stay three weeks in there. A perfect camp-site in an inforgettable state park. I have a slide-show in my mind for the rest of my life.
one of our favorite parks -
12/15/2010 Cathedral Gorge State Park by Poopie
COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL - I love going here too because it is just an awesome place. I love the different formations and wandering around through them and on top of them too. It is just a unique place. It is worth the visit.
9/22/2010 Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge by Janet Moose
Big Sky - I love Ruby. Been going out to Shanty Town for years. I leave all my trouble behind when I am there. We love to fish, hike, explore and have fun. I do not like the fact that the follage was killed with Round Up. What kind of people kill plants that the fauna depend upon. It tore my heart out to see the deep tule.
8/13/2010 Cave Lake State Park by BradleyStuart
Wonderful Get Away! - Like entering a different world. Just a beautiful natural resource with a relaxing environment to do a little fishing and let your worries just melt away.
7/19/2010 Floyd R Lamb State Park by LisaB
- Paradise, beautiful,peacocks, fishing, family outing and so much more one of the jewels in Las Vegas.
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